4 signs you're in the wrong career

Before I started my own company, I worked in corporate marketing for over ten years.

Although I was, objectively, pretty successful in that line of work, I always felt uncomfortable sitting on a rung of the corporate ladder.

On the other hand, it was terrifying to think about making the leap of faith into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. I know how it feels to constantly wonder whether you’re fulfilling your purpose, so let me help you out. Here are five signs that it’s time to move on from your current career path:

You constantly feel exhausted.

It’s one thing to overextend yourself on the weekend and find yourself yawning throughout Monday morning.

But do you feel like you’re fighting to stay awake all day, every day when you’re at work? This feeling of fatigue is a sign that you’re bored, or possibly even depressed, with your job. Everyone’s work day can feel tedious at times, but when you stop to really reflect on your career as a whole, you should feel challenged and energized.

You just don’t care anymore.

I think we all reach this point sometimes, where a client is just driving us up the wall, or we’ve been working 12-hour days all week and we just want to go home.

But if you’re feeling apathetic about every work situation, or you feel like you wouldn’t even care if you lost your job, this is a big sign that it’s time to move on.

When you’re in the right career, you should constantly be looking for ways to improve your performance, to empower your staff and coworkers, and to go the extra mile for your customers.

You’re jealous of successful people.

A little friendly competition is great, because it motivates us to keep making improvements personally and professionally.

However, if you become a real life green-eyed monster every time you hear about someone else’s accomplishments, or you feel bitterly envious when your friends talk about how much they love their jobs, these are major red flags that you have some deep-rooted unhappiness.

While it’s normal to feel an occasional hint of jealousy when you see others make strides in their careers, you shouldn’t feel such strong emotions about someone else’s life circumstances.

Your work never bleeds into your personal life.

Obviously, everyone needs to keep a healthy work life balance with plenty of time for self care.

But if you’re in a well-suited career path, certain aspects of your job should become a part of your personal life.

If you never hang out with coworkers outside the office, find yourself spontaneously brainstorming solutions to work challenges, or accidentally work late some nights because you become engrossed in business projects, you’re probably not in a meaningful job.

When you find yourself working for nothing but a paycheck, you need to take action and find a career that offers purpose.

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