How to create a career you truly love when you want to have multiple interests and don't want to look flaky

Marketing, Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Branding, Coaching, Teaching, Training, Yoga, Dogs, Long Blacks, Game of Thrones, Career & Economics, Personal Development, Technology, Consumer Behaviour, Social Media ...  

Just to name a few of my passions

For a long time, I saw being 'multi-passionate' as curse. 
(I'm glad Marie Forleo created a word for it)

'What should I be focusing on?
Everyone says you need a niche.
How can you pick the one thing that you want to do for the rest of your life?'

Thoughts, that always what went through my head.

From 'The one thing' to multiple things
Last week's blog which was about focusing on 'The one thing' got a lot of traction and I since them, I received one question over and over again:

How can I find out what the ONE thing is?
I have so many interests but how to explore all of them without looking flaky or indecisive? 

Your biggest pain points are your biggest opportunities.

I was overweight until I was 12 years old.
That's when I started Group Fitness Classes to lose weight. Loved it and decided to become one myself to give back the great feeling and results I got. 
This was also when I started to get interested in nutrition as this was a hot topic everyone asked. So I got into nutrition.

I was shy until I was 16 years old.
But because I wanted to become a Group Fitness Instructor, I had to work on it. I got better but wanted to top it and became a certified Communications & Presentations Trainer. 
This was when the Institute I did my certification with asked me if I wanted to work for them and run workshops in schools and Unis. 

I was burnt out twice but didn't act on it until it happened the second time, at the age of 30.
This was when I started with coaching and self-development until I realised that this is exactly what bring it all together and started to coach others, ran workshops, became a mentor at Unis and at work.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.06.34 AM.png

✨ It's not about pin pointing WHAT the one thing is.
It is what the one thing is that
brings it all together.

We often get so stuck on job titles, specific roles and industries we want/should/could pursue which only leads to overwhelm as there are way too many choices. 

But that's the wrong starting point.

Don't start by looking on the WHAT. Start by looking at the WHY

Why do you enjoy cooking?
What is it about exercising?
How does painting make you feel?

Those questions uncover the root to why you are interested in a particular topic or task in the first place.

Detach yourself from the outcome.

Focusing on a specific result can hinder from realising a much bigger outcome.

Instead of thinking about existing jobs and industries, get clear about what YOUR ideal day looks like.

Where do you wake up? Alone or with someone?
What are you doing first thing?
Who are you spending time with during the day?
Are you inside or outside?
Are you in front of people or alone?
Are you writing, listening, analysing, talking, ...?

Get very specific on each of those aspects that form your ideal day and how it makes you feel.

Being clear about what's important to you will help you identifying when the right opportunity comes up

Explore. Network. Learn. Refine. Pivot. Repeat.

Having multiple interests doesn't mean you have to choose all or none of them to make a living.
When you start being honest with yourself, you will realise that some of your interests are better to be a hobby.

It is about realising how you can bring the overarching motivation to whatever you do but it needs to provide value to others so you can make money with it.

Like in my case:
Helping others to excel - no matter if they are physical (sports & nutrition), professional (career & business) or personal (coaching).

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