It's not more knowledge or information that get you where you want to get to

Consuming Content without Reflection
Eating without Digestion

40-50 Books is the average hyper successful CEOs read a year. 
That's like 1 book a week

56% increase in listening to podcasts in Australia compared to last year.
And they listen to an average of 6 podcasts per week.

8 in 10 Australians are on Social Media.
56% of the users use it 5+ times a day.

These days, the problem isn't the lack information or the access to FREE education

It's what we do (or don't do) with it that counts.

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However, the real art or impact of information happens when...
we put the information in action

And this is where most people crumble and the fine detail that sets creators apart from consumers; doers from sayers; leaders from followers.

Part of my coaching process is integrating and establishing a routined 'information phase' to the day -
especially in a very particular morning routine.

This has proven to be a key ingredient to be set up for a successful, inspired and invigorated day ahead. 

I give all my clients a range of
> selected and tailored podcasts to listen to
>  3 key books to read throughout their coaching journey and a
> few newsletter subscriptions to follow ongoing.

But this is not all.

The magic happens when they take action. The right action.

All my clients have a dedicated 'Key Take Outs' Notes Tab on their phone set up.

After consuming any type of content, their task is to capture 1-3 points that resonated with them in particular at the time of consumption and I also get them to specify why .

The real magic however happens when they make it impactful for THEM:

What is the
1 action, the 1 thing, the 1 thought
to change / implement/ stop
to get them to where they want to get to.


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✨ Only habits get you the results. Not one hit wonders.  

This is where the rubber hits the road.

To create change in the direction we desire, we need to change habits that got us stuck where we are now and for that, we need to use our will power.

However, will power is used up every time we exert it through active decision making.

Hence identifying bad habits, replacing them with routines that set us up for success and having a system and process set up to stick to them is the real deal.

Multi-passionate and multi-ideagenerator with hundred tabs open at any given time?

If you are anything like me, you have a gazzillion ideas and thoughts in one minute and never enough time to even pursue a fraction of them.

I know how hard it is hard to come back to what matters.
And it is too easy to get distracted by things that give us pleasure straight away (social media, catch ups, Game of Thrones marathon ...)

This is usually the case when we are unsure
> what to do with your life, our career or out situation we are in
> how to get where you want to be or even
> how to clarify what it is that you want. 

If that is the case, I highly recommend you to start your focus journey by reading:
The One Thing. by Gary Keller

It's an easy read, gets down to the nitty and gritty and helps you understanding where multi-tasking and procrastination comes from.

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