Personal Branding

made easy!


Let us take the Guesswork out for you

and help you not only with the why but most importantly with the how to

identify, build and manage the Brand called YOU.

Online & Offline. 


How you can get started

1: 1 Coaching | Tailored Group & in-house Workshops | Public Speaking

You are stuck in your rut, you may have a job that pays the bills but doesn't get you excited to jump out of bed every morning?

Or you are ready to step up or step out of your industry and want to make future employers, co-founders, investors or clients aware of your You-niqueness?

I have been building Brands since 2006. So let's build yours and bring it to life!


My sweet spots are:

- Career Coaching

- Personal Branding Coaching + Training

- Social Media Training

- Start Up & Entrepreneur Coaching

Facebook Community - Best Talents

You are not quite sure what it is that you need but always interested in progression and development - personally & professionally?

Then start your journey and join me and more than 400 of the Best Talents on Facebook for weekly Lives with Tips & Tricks (Wednesdays at 7pm - 10-15 minutes) as well as behind the scenes footage including videos of experts we partner up with.


What you can expect:





#AMAFriday (ask me anything)

Events, Group Workshops & Training

Each month, we focus on a certain hot topic in and around career and personal development and partner up with the best of the best in the industry. We tap into their wisdom and share some tips, tricks and tools throughout on various channels.

Grand Finale is Every LAST THURSDAY of the month, where we are joined by our guest speakers for a live session about this topic where you also have the opportunity to network and connect with experts in the field of leadership, productivity, social media, technology and career.


We know time is precious.

So we keep it short and sharp: 8-8.45am. Not enough?

Get any coffee that morning for only $3!

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From me, for you ... 

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