Personal & Employer Branding made easy!

We show you how to

identify, build and manage the Brand called YOU.

Online & Offline. 


The Facts:

- By 2020, more People will exit full-time Work rather than enter to run their own Business.

- We are moving away from a production to a knowledge and service based Economy.

- Technology is replacing Jobs that can be automated and don't require any human Traits, like Creativity or Emotions which is obviously unique to us People and can never be replaced.

- People buy of People because they like and trust them, not necessarily because they are the only or even best ones. The Best-Seller is not often the best Seller!

- To succeed in those serviced and knowledge based Jobs, marketing & selling yourself as the go-to Expert is an essential Skill for the Future of Work but also important for Businesses as it comes down to attracting the right People who then reflect and represent the Brand to Customers.


Quick & effective Results without the Headache

Having a strong Presence on relevant Channels where you can be found by and connect with your Target Audience - may it be your next Employer, your next Star Talent or Investors, Co-Founders and Partners to join you and your Team can be daunting.

However, it doesn't have to be!

Key to building a compelling and strong Brand is being unique, compelling & consistent - across all Channels we interact. This can be the tricky Part!

Where to start, how to develop a brand from scratch, how to overcome the daunting feeling of putting yourself out there, where to find content, how to post on social media and where and when, how to maintain al of that once established ... and that's all besides an actual Job! 

Sounds all too familiar? Well...


That's where we come in!

Our Strength is identifying your Strength and bringing your unique Uniqueness to Life - online & offline:

From identifying your Why and Values, to setting your Goals - professionally & personally - to then matching your Proposition with the Colours, the Communication, Leadership and Presentation Style to the Creative you use. We've got you covered!


The Benefit

We provide an End-to-End Service and don't leave you hanging with knowing 'What to' but not the 'How to'.

We work with you on identifying and clarifying your Goals of your Brand: Do you want to progress in your Career, enter a new Industry, accelerate as Thought leader in your Area of Expertise or attract new Talents, Partners or Investors to join your Business.


Specialised Consultants work with you to build the Brand you want to be known for and help you to realise it, from the ideation to the actual execution.

Having a strong team of experts in their field who work closely together also means a quicker and more effective result as the messaging is clear and consistent as we work hand in hand with you and each other.


What we do

We take the Guesswork out of Personal & Employer Branding and work with:

  • Individuals who want to identify what makes them special, how to create a Career with their unique Uniqueness, get ahead in their Industry and help them to bring it to Life.


  • Start-Ups whose success often relies on the person behind the idea who either haven't defined a Brand yet or don't know how to use a strong Personal Brand to support their Business Goals.


  • Executives and Senior Management to bring their Thought Leadership also online, establish & build their Digital Presence.


  • Companies and (regional) Councils to develop & execute targeted Engagement Strategies across online and offline Channels to attract the best Talents and keep them.


What we don’t do

We help translating your Personal and Employer Brand, your Values, Vision & Mission as well as your genuine Culture into engaging Content – visually and verbally.

But we only show the real deal.

We don’t do fake reviews, support false advertisement or paid statements.


What you can expect:

  • Individuals: 1:1 Career Consultation (in Person or via SKYPE), including: identifying Strength, setting Goal
  • Companies/Councils: Consultation for Your Talent Acquisition & Retention Needs 
  • Road Map to Success: identifying and listing all relevant next Steps and map out Strategy to get their
  • Development of Brand Identity: Colours, Style, Look & Feel, Voice and Tone
  • Social Media Coaching: Channel Selection and Set up of Profiles, Content Creation, Management and Reporting
  • No Contracts or fixed term Engagements
  • One Point of Contact but One Stop Shop for all Your Needs:
    • Consultation | Strategy & Road Mapping | Execution | ongoing Coaching
  • Access to Network of Specialists
  • Holistic Approach for Online & Offline Presence
  • Your Choice of One Off or Ongoing Engagement or a Combo of both


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Brisbane, Australia



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