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Personal Branding

helping ambitious people to excel in life 

by being aware of the HOW and own it!


You can be good. Or you can be great.

What's your choice?


In today's transparent world, we constantly get exposed to these highly successful and rich people who seem to have everything.

No wonder we keep chasing the next bigger thing - the next bigger job, the next bigger pay check, the next bigger everything and run up the mountain we see as fast as we can.

Until we realise it's the wrong mountain. 


I was in the same position:

Climbing the corporate marketing career ladder over 10 years, achieving a senior level role already at the age of 28 which I always set myself to achieve at the age of 35 should have been my happiest moment.


But it was far away from it.


Despite all the success and money that came with getting into more senior roles, I was burnt out, constantly stressed and anxious going to work, was unhappy and grumpy to my loved ones.


I was feeling trapped because I knew I had more to offer and wanted to excel and succeed much more than I was (feeling I did anyway) but at the same time, I felt tired as getting to where I was felt like hard work and never enough.


"I 'should' be happy because I have 'everything' but I am just not. What was wrong with me?" I asked myself.


I realised there was something bigger out there, something where I can make a real impact on through doing something meaningfully that benefits others.


A career change opened my eyes - entering a new industry and starting from scratch in a profession I was never exposed to prior was exactly what I needed.


Whilst it was a $30k pay cut to start with, I made it up within the first 6 months of being in my new role as it offered unlimited earning potential if I succeed in my role - and I sure did; and I did it with ease.


All of a sudden it felt easy to be successful - I progressed quicker in 3 years than in my 10 years in marketing because I didn't feel it was work, I felt I had purpose and can use my strengths which are natural to me to positively impact others.


Over the last 3 years, I have been coaching over 200 professionals and have been part of many career changes and accelerations.


The 'secret sauce' that has helped many high achievers going from 'good' to 'great', from accepting average to experiencing what it means to 'have arrived' is simple:


It is about



on what is it that makes you unique and others drawn to you.



for creating a life you love and you can excel in by doing something meaningfully that others can benefit from



in your choice so you can excel in it with ease as you know you are the best in doing it


To help ambitious people excel in their career and with that in their life, I've developed a proven 5 step process that has helped hundreds to get unstuck from where they were and accelerated their journey:

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Ready to discover how you can excel in life and gain the confidence to step in and up where you can make an impaCCCt?


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You are all in, ready to fast track your Personal Brand development and don't want to lose any more time? Over 4-weeks, I will work with you 1:1 to help you clarifying what makes you YOU and nobody can compete with, identify your strengths and with that, opportunities you may not even have thought of so you have the confidence to excel in a Career you don't just love but you can make the impaCCCt you want to make!


Bring your Personal Brand to life in your own time with these value-packed online resources so you can turn step–by–step into action–to–action.

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