The World has never changed faster.  And will never change slower.




Our strategic approach to helping you create a career where you can make an income and an impaCCCt is simple :


of your High Performance Zones


of your Point of Difference 


of your unique Strengths through leveraging the latest digital innovations

impaCCCt Coaching Model

Technology and automation has - and continues to - disrupt the way we live, work, act and interact.

Over 50% of jobs can be automated by technology already, so it’s not a matter of if but only a matter of when your role/ industry/ profession gets disrupted.

The only way to future-proof yourself is to build a Brand. Not just a job (as it might not exist anymore in near future).

What do we mean by a Brand?

How will people know what you stand for, know of your experience, or know who you are if you don’t show them?

The best way to show future-employers your capability and potential is via your online presence and your reputation. And your reputation is what your Brand is.

We are dedicated to educate and inspire about the Future of Work through Workshops & Events (online & offline).

We also help you to prepare for Careers of tomorrow through Coaching & Training.

Let us help you to build a brand, one that is authentic and aligned with who you are.



How can you work with us?

Group Workshops

tailored in-house Workshops & Training, Public Events & Experiences

  • Personal Branding to show off your Skills without being a Show-Off
  • Intrapreneurship | Entrepreneurship - create your own Career, inside and outside Organisations

Marketing yourself with impaCCCt:
get seen and recognised for the right Reasons - Online & Offline

For public events, check our events page

1 : 1 Coaching

You are all in, ready to fast track your Personal Brand development and don't want to lose any more time?

Over 3 or 6-months, I will work with you 1:1 to help you to

  • Clarify your High Performance Zone
  • Communicate your Point of Difference clearly
  • Commercialise your Strenghts

Ready to make an Income and an impaCCCt?


Create your own Career you love in the Comfort of your own Home and in your own Time.

  • After completing this Online Training, you will
  • identify your High Performance Zone
  • create a compelling Value Proposition and Pitch Statement
  • be clear on how you can commercialise your Strengths

Ready to build your ideal Career?

Get your FREE Step-by-Step Guide NOW!

It's your Life. It's who you are. It's who you want to be(come). Your Personal Brand is the only investment that guarantees you ROI because it is investment in you that future-proofs you!

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