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What We Do

impaCCCt Personal Branding

Achieving success in any career can often be a mix of struggle, confusion, fear, and reluctance, but not if you use your expertise right.

impaCCCt is your partner in turning your expert skills and knowledge into a Personal Brand, the key to a career that is aligned with your strengths and expertise, helping you expand your reach and influence, and unlock opportunities you never even thought possible.


Our Services


1:1 Personal Branding & Career Coaching

You have achieved career success but at the same time you know you haven’t even scratched the surface. You want to take it up a notch, progress in your corporate career, pivot into a new career or increase your impact in your career and life.

This is exactly what we specialise in: helping corporate professionals to accelerate their career growth through 1:1 coaching following our 3-step method: Clarification, Communication, and Commercialization. Our processes are theory and scientific based, practical, straightforward, and ultimately rewarding for high-level professionals like yourself. It will help you build a Brand that is distinct, compelling and un-copyable so you can make the biggest impaCCCt you can make.

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Events and Keynote Speaking

We don’t just build a Personal Brand. We build communities where Personal Brands can thrive, connect and learn from each other. Every month, we organise a series of public events and workshops, where we invite an A-list panel of speakers to join us and share their insights on all things career, talent management, business, leadership, and Future of Work.

Petra Zink is a regular key note speaker, event host and a university educator.

Get in touch to invite Petra to speak on one of your events today.

impaCCCt Marketing and Branding Coaching

Marketing your Personal Brand with impaCCCt

We don’t just help you build your Personal Brand. We help you bring your Personal Brand to life!

If you want to establish yourself as leader in your space, content creation is critical (and often daunting and overwhelming). But it doesn’t have to be! We help you producing video and photo content aligned with your Brand that makes an impaCCCt and helps you stand out.