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In order to be considered, you need to be seen. And to be seen, you need to stand out for all the right reasons!

Join me in an action packed 3h workshop where you will learn the proven 5 steps to build your Personal Brand and learn how to use Social Media effectively and efficiently to get ahead in your Career and Business 

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to Nov 26


Join us for a full day Workshop where we not only define your Brand, your Story and your Style but also show you how to bring it to life on Social Media.

This Workshop also includes 3 professional head shots!

Are you ready to build your Brand? We definitely are!!!

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IGNITE YOUR BRAND - 5 Proven Steps to build your Brand
12:00 AM00:00

IGNITE YOUR BRAND - 5 Proven Steps to build your Brand

You know the importance of 'getting yourself out there', may it be to progress in your career, step in or out of your industry or want to attract new clients, investors, co-founders or staff  but not sure where and how to start?


Then this hands on workshop is for you!

In 3h, we will:

  • Define and Identify your Personal Brand
  • Clarify your Target Group / Persona
  • Create and Craft Content that resonates with your ideal Audience
  • Discover plenty of practical (and mostly free) Tools that help you along the Way!
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Shared Economy - Time Bomb for traditional ways of working
10:00 PM22:00

Shared Economy - Time Bomb for traditional ways of working

Technology has changed the way we live, work and travel and with that, they way we consume. It doesn't come as surprise that this also effects the economy and with more access to a wider network, their expertise and products than ever before, the popular uptake of Uber & Co is just the beginning of the shared economy model. 

Why? Because Digital Platforms make it easy these days to connect and exchange knowledge, services and products with anyone at any time and from anywhere in this world.

One of the secrets to success for Uber, Air BnB & Co is that they introduced the concept of people using their personal assets/service/products to earn extra cash.

It empowers people to work on their own time, for as little or as long as they wanted, so they could decide what they earned by how often they want to drive or host people. 

WorkApp is doing exactly that: it combines the most commonly used App functions into one simple and free application for businesses, individuals and community for them to engage, exchange and interact with each other.

Of course new platforms like these and changes in economy models raise the questions of: 
- How relevant is formal education especially when the jobs we do now won't exist in another 5-10 years? 
- How to stay relevant in a changed economic world where technology is taking over repetitive tasks and makes jobs and skill sets redundant that don't require any human traits?

These and more questions will be answered by Shane Wallace, CEO and co-founder of WorkApp. Shane is a prime example of establishing a successful career in an unconventional way, one he could have never prepare for: 

Shane never had a computer in his life, nor an email address, leave alone apps. The first app he ever downloaded was his own, on a smart phone he never had before this event either. 
Shane's secret to success in this ever changing world is embracing entrepreneurship and combine innovative thinking with technology to enable himself and more importantly others opportunities to make money without having to rely on others.

Book your spot HERE

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Lead with Style & impaCCCt
to Oct 15

Lead with Style & impaCCCt

Lead with Style & impaCCCt

It’s time to step up and lead with STYLE + impaCCCt.

You know you are born to make an impaCCCt but not sure how to get started and get 'out there'?

Whether you lead a team as part of your role, your career is taking you in the direction of leadership or you want to be the leader in your own life and run your own business, you want to know what it takes to attract the right audience to you to follow you - in your own Style.


We know Confidence makes Confidence. So this weekend workshop is designed to take the guesswork of identifying and building your Personal and your Leadership Brand. We will work with you on identifying your individual strengths and super powers, your unique style and how you can bring your Brand to life online to connect authentically with your audience.


Join us for Modules or for the entire weekend workshop - it is your life, so take control now and make the first step into the right direction! 

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Unlock the Power of Digital Connections
10:00 PM22:00

Unlock the Power of Digital Connections

Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool for business people and professionals. 


Because people trust people and there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth recommendations, especially from someone you like (= trust).

Fact is, word of mouth has become world of mouth and with access to the internet, our social connections have expanded and we can leverage of a broader network than ever before (and tap into their opinion and experience.)

LinkedIn is now one of the oldest social network platforms and is still going strong. 
In fact, here are some stats you might not know: 
- LinkedIn started on May 5, 2003
- LinkedIn has 332 million members
- 2 new users join every second
- 42 million unique mobile visitors per month. This stat is up from 29 million a year before (This is a 45% increase in just 12 months ) 
- Average time a user spends on LinkedIn is 17 minutes/ month
- 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day
- 1in 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn
- You can increase your linkedIn views by 11 times by including a photo
- 41% of users visit Linkedin via mobile
- The average number of connections on LinkedIn is 930
- 13% of millennials use LinkedIn
- 56% of members are male
- 44% of members are female
- LinkedIn has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate among all social platforms. Nearly 3 out of every 100 visitors to your LinkedIn profile will be converted into leads.

This sounds all very impressive and no doubt, LinkedIn is powerful for both - building your personal as well as employer brand but still ... not many have mastered the art and science of digital and social networking. 

Kylie Chown is a Personal Branding Strategist and LinkedIn Expert. With over 15 years of experience, she works with job seekers, consultants and businesses so that they have more choice in their businesses and careers. 
Kylie will share some of her Secrets on how to use this powerful platform to your advantage, some Do's and Dont's as well as simple and quick tricks and tools to get your profile optimised.


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Leadership in 2017 & Beyond - what it takes to inspire & motivate diverse Talents
10:00 PM22:00

Leadership in 2017 & Beyond - what it takes to inspire & motivate diverse Talents

By 2020, nearly half of the Workforce will be Millennials who have different Expectations, Motivations & Inspirations for a Job. At the same Time, we still have Baby Boomers and Gen X's making up the Rest - how can you prepare to inspire, motivate and bring out the Best in everyone and how to be(come) a Leader especially when you are not a natural Extravert?

For this topic we will be joined by Therese Lardner, a Leadership, Engagement & Mindset Coach who is working with transformational leaders to increase engagement by connecting managers and their teams to the organisation’s vision.


Therese also specialises in technically top notch Talents who have been thrown into a leadership role and are unsure what is needed to succeed and not only perform individually but lead and develop a team.

Whether you are already in a Leadership Role or inspire to become a Leader in your Career, this Event is for you! Therese will give Insights as to what a good Leader in 2017 and beyond looks like and share some Tips & Tricks you can implement straight away. Remember - Rome wasn't built in a Day, so don't expect to be the next Richard Branson by the End of the Month either but you can never start early enough to prepare for it! :)

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Digital Nomad - How to make remote & flexible Work work
10:00 PM22:00

Digital Nomad - How to make remote & flexible Work work

Here are the Facts. By 2020,

- 1 in 3 will be employed casually / contract base

- 47% would consider giving up a well paid job to gain better work-life balance 

- more people will exit full-time employment rather than enter it

- more than 1/3 (will) have side businesses and passion projects, mainly online.


Technology enables us to work from wherever and whenever we want. Candidates - especially Millennials growing up with being connected 24/7 and a better work-life-balance that enables them to still pursue passion projects and side hustles is more important to them than climbing the career ladder.

So what does it take for a company to create an environment where Talents around the world can work without having to be physically there? What impact does remote and flexible work have on the culture and what are the challenges not being in an office?

We are joined by a couple of Companies who 

a) enable and support flexible Work for their Staff and 

b) is doing that as a business, facilitating Talents around the World to travel and work at the same time.

Hear first hand from Australia's most flexible full-time Employee Yas, who is travelling throughout Australia with her family whilst remaining full-time employed! 


Yasmin Grigaliunas lives life large!  A passionate and energising professional, who is as at home in her corporate life as she is raising her young family with her husband.  Yas is one of those people who can achieve what might seemingly feel impossible.  If you think you can’t, Yas will find a way you can. 

In November 2015, Yas resigned from a role she loved, to fulfil a family dream of travelling Australia in a caravan on what she calls a ‘Family Gap Year’.  When Yas met over coffee with the company’s General Manager to ‘come clean’ about her plans to formally resign, little did she know that he would provide a unique offer to Yas and her family to consider.  “Why resign? He said.  What do you think about the option to remain working part-time while you travel?”  What started as an experiment for both Yas and avt; the progressive company leading the charge on ‘extreme’ flexibility, quickly turned into what Yas has coined as ‘Australia’s most flexible role’. 

Yas is no stranger to working flexibly, and has been doing it in various roles since the birth of her first child 11 years ago, before flexibility was even a thing. Yas believes (and has proven) that flexibility in the workplace is limited only by your imagination.  Yas believes strongly in the foundations of trust and transparency to enable literally anything you can imagine.  Travelling Australia for 18 months in a caravan with your young family is one thing, but to do it while remaining working full-time and fully flexibly is a whole other story.   



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DressCode deCoded
10:00 PM22:00

DressCode deCoded

Yes, you are being judged. 
In the world of Job Interviews, Client Pitches and Meetings, a neat, professional Appearance goes a long way in making a positive Impression, and like it or not, your physical Appearance has a bearing on your Success, even if that’s not a requirement to do the Job. 


Finding the right Style that makes you not only look and feel good but also confident and strong which you reflect on Others. Whilst it is hard enough to find the right Colours and Shapes that fit, we develop and grow out of certain Styles. Studies have shown that the physical Appearance is linked to Success (or the Lack of). 


So whether you (want to) get promoted, hired or just feel more confident in your Appearance, join us to get some Tips, Tricks and Tools everyone can use and implement straight away!


About Majella McMahon

Majella is a Fashion Stylist and Style Coach with over 15 years Industry Experience. She has worked in Australia and internationally, helping Women, Men, Brands and Businesses find their Look, teaching them what suits them and why.   

Learn more about Majella at www.thestyleryco.com

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Social Media for Recruiters - MasterClass
to Jun 15

Social Media for Recruiters - MasterClass

Join us for an Interactive and Hands On Social Media Workshop where you will learn the In's and Out's of Online Marketing in Recruitment and how you can use Digital Channels to build Talent Pipelines and Communities.

Discover simple Tools and Ways to make an impactful Impression to your Candidates and Clients that don't break the bank or take too much of Your Time!

You will be surprised how easy Social Recruiting can be if you know some Behind the Scenes Tricks and what Impact You can make with some Tweaks to Your Current Strategies!

After this Workshop, you will know how to create and post compelling Job Ads on various Platforms, build Talent Pools and an engage with a Community on: 

  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Facebook - Group & Page
  • Instagram

To guarantee 1:1 Coaching and Individual Training, the Workshop has limited Spots, so register ASAP to secure yours!

Mackayla Paul

MACKAYLA PAUL portrait.jpg

Mackayla Paul is the founder of Social Stylings; a boutique Instagram Marketing Consultancy. Social Stylings assists small business owners in both the service-based and product-based industries to convert followers into paying customers with her winning combination of content marketing and visual branding across online Channels."

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Digital Disruption in Recruitment
10:00 PM22:00

Digital Disruption in Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the Industries that hasn't had as much Disruption compared to others. Yet. There is a lot exciting Development happening that is and will shake up the Industry more and more. Different Expectations from Candidates in terms of Application Process, more Competition and smarter Features are changing the Way we (used to) work in Recruitment.

We have 3 exceptional Guest Speakers who are true Disruptors and Innovators in that Space joining us, sharing their Insights in the Industry and the Trends they see in near Future and how their Products and Services already changing traditional Thinking. 

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12:15 AM00:15

TimeSmart - Productivity through Technology

“Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed” -  Peter Drucker – 1975 

The HR and Recruitment Industry is an art & science in itself, which can't be learned or prepared for in a traditional way. It combines so many different aspects like Psychology, Coaching, Consulting, Digital/Marketing, Networking, Negotiating, Business Development, Account Management and many more.

The biggest struggle that most Professionals will be too familiar with is time management and being effective at work. However, with so much on everyone's plate, it is easy to get overwhelmed and unproductive because you don't know where to start. 


Every day we are expected to -

·  Manage 100+ e-mails

·  Attend 2-3 meetings

·  Work on multiple projects

·  Manage a global timeline

·  Develop the skills of our team

·  Be strategic in our planning

·  Manage rapidly changing priorities

·  Communicate with many people

At the same time, we are asking ourselves

“How can we achieve more with less?”  -  “How can we have a more balanced life?”

In this presentation we will:

-  Understand why productivity is a business imperative

-  Align the need to make good decisions quickly with a systematic approach

-  Experience the power of technology

-  Explore the mindset of time scarcity

-  Address the issue of e-mail and project initiative fatigue


About the Speaker - Christine Petersen

Christine Petersen, an authority on productivity and time management, is the founder and Managing Director of Time Technology.

She developed her intellectual property, TimeSmart – Productivity through Technology, in response to a growing demand by business leaders for practical ways to achieve better control of work, maximize the use of technology and enjoy work: life balance.

Since establishing Time Technology in 2002, Christine and her team of accredited facilitators have helped over 22,000 busy executives in the Asia Pacific region to raise their productivity and reduce their time investment.

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