Outgrown your job? Get the spark back into your Career!

A few months into the new year when the holiday relaxation has worn off and reality has well and truly hit is often the time when people start thinking about a career change and put their feelers out there.

However, the first place to look for a better position may be right where you are but a different approach to market yourself can make all the difference as the grass is not always greener on the other side.

So assuming you haven’t been made redundant or laid off and you are just looking for the next best thing, start with your search internally and get pro-active with opportunities that might be right in front of you.


You don't need to have the title to be a leader

If you want to step up into a leadership role, you can’t limit yourself by an employee mindset. Instead, redesign your opportunities and start expanding your perspective by adopting the personal branding mindset - what is it that your audience (very likely your boss) wants to make them and the company look better?

What can you do to either increase pleasure (higher revenue, more clients, market expansion…) or decrease the pain (less staff turnover, reduction of costs, higher client retention rate …) for your audience (boss/manager)?


If you can demonstrate the benefits for the company by you taking on new tasks and/or handing over tasks that are more difficult for you, you can make an impact on the entire organisation and its productivity.


step up.jpg


If you feel there is still something missing, take control pro-actively and improve your current job situation:

  • Go back to school. Up-skill in the areas you need for achieving your dream career/ match the position or responsibilities you really want.


  • Work remotely. If the long commute is your pain point, suggest to work from home or remotely at least 1-2 days a well and see if it improves your satisfaction due to less stress and maybe increases your productivity. Start by asking for a trial and convince with pure results!


  • Adjust your schedule. You are too stressed to fit life into your work? Re-engineer your work schedule to better fit the life you want with your work, eg exercising early morning and go straight from the gym to work or take your gear and exercise at lunch time to avoid the rush hour after work and stay a bit later to also avoid peak traffic time.


  • Hands up for new projects. If you feel bored in your job as you have been doing it for a while, put your hand up to work on new projects and take the initiative to ask for new responsibilities on top of what you do.


Career progression doesn’t always happen on the other side of the fence; it often can be right where you are but the issue might be you are not seen or considered as the best person for the job because you haven’t taken the initiative to brand and positioning yourself in that way.

So before jumping ship and potentially get disappointed by the wrong move, start inside and hit the ground running from the get-go.


Starting a new role in a new organisation means learning everything from scratch which also means downtime and less productivity which again, is probably one of the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place.

Not sure where to start your Personal Branding journey to position yourself to get ahead in your career, then book your Strategy Session and see if you qualify for our program.