The Power of early Mornings (and why you should consider starting early too!)

3.45am starts.

For everyone who knows me knows, that this has been my waking time for over 5 years now.

Do I get strange looks when I mention it?
You bet!

Am I a big advocate of early rises?
Hell yessss!

Do I think everyone should reconsider their morning routine?
I'm glad you asked ...

What most people don't know is that - when I start working with new clients - the first and probably most important thing we change is their morning routine.

I don't expect everyone to set pre 4am alarms but I certainly challenge their current way of waking and starting the day as this makes all the difference.

Want to know how I start the day?

SavvySME asked me to share my own morning routine and how everyone can become more productive with a new routine

It will be especially relevant for you if the following statements sound familiar...

'I don't have time to do xyz..'
'I'm always tired and exhausted - no matter the time of the day'
'Everything feels rushed.'

These are just some examples I hear over and over again - mostly from high achievers, already successful in their career, juggling family, sports, social life but feel there is more to life as their current status quo.

The problem why they are tired, exhausted and constantly feel depleted is that their energy spent on different areas of their life isn't in balance.

It affects their sleeping patterns (difficulties to fall asleep because the mind is racing or 2am and wide awake), their relationships (moody, grumpy and snippy), their health (hello weight gain and muffin tops thanks to the high level of cortisol)

Our sleep cycles are regulated by circadian clocks, which is an internal mechanism letting you know when to wake and when to tuck in for the night.

Modern technology and artificial lighting has impacted our natural rhythm and just one of the reasons you’re often advised to avoid the bright lights of your computer screen directly before bedtime.



If you just can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, don’t feel too bad.

It’s possible you’re just a natural night owl.

Research has discovered about 10% of people are early birds, while about 20% are night owls.


Anxiety. Constantly on the edge. Fear of missing out.

Just some of the symptoms of not being in tune with your body and mind which often comes from not knowing or being prepared for what's next.

Energy levels are also depleted by not being in the flow zone
(when challenging but interesting tasks/ situation cross path with our capabilities)
and spending too much time in stress zones
(doing tasks that are not aligned with our strengths and/or being in environments / in a group of people that are not aligned with our values and/or abusing our body and mind with negative habits (which includes negative thoughts).

All of these imbalances deplete our energy levels as we constantly try to keep positive and fight against concerns, negative thoughts and feelings that come up naturally. 


Being in balance all the time is hard, especially when life comes in the way.

However, it's no secret (and there is a ton of research supporting these facts) that people who tend to get up before dawn to start their day, and have a routine that helps them get through the day are more efficient and successful.

1. There are less distractions in the morning and more time to spend time on activities that restore your energy levels.

2. Exercise gets your blood pumping and doing it first things means there is no excuse for when the day gets busy, you are tired or something unexpected happened. 

3. Being productive and feeling accomplished by tasks already ticked off before others roll out of bed which often leads to being more proactive during the day.


If you want to change and optimise one aspect in your life - your career for example - it won't work in isolation.

If you want to perform at your highest level, all aspects and pillows of your life need to be aligned and primed for you to excel.

It all starts by
> identifying beliefs that translate into actions that get you the results you are getting now to then
> replacing them
with healthy, supporting and enabling habits that come from a changed belief system.

This is the foundation of Personal Branding.

Be(com)ing aware of

  • what makes you tick;
  •  how you perform at your best;
  • the right actions to take to get you to where you want to be.


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