Always feel tired? There is a reason for it! Master the 4 types of energy today!


When I share with people that my days start at 3.45am, I usually get the strange look, followed by pretty much the same question over and over again:

'Are you taking a nap during the day? You must be tired by 3pm.'

Given this has sparked such an interest and after working with hundreds of very successful people over the last few years and experiencing myself the difference in moods, energy and the level of success - this week is dedicated to that - energy management.



'I'm always tired. Even though I am sitting all day, I just feel exhausted by the end of the day.'


This is one of the most common statements I hear from my clients at the beginning of our journey.


The problem?

Lack of energy management.


One thing successful people have in common is their ability to manage their energy wisely.


Nobody benefits from people who are burnt out and depleted in their energy levels - you can't pour from an empty cup.


According to a Forbes study, 76% of successful CEOs said the one thing that has the greatest impact in managing their energy levels in terms of a habit is daily exercise.


Hence, first thing I change with my clients at the beginning of our coaching process is changing their morning routine.


Daily exercise is and has been a non-negotiable for the last 20 years for me.



Moving the body gets everything moving and especially when you feel you reached a still stand in your brain, going for a walk or challenging yourself physically can break through this barrier.


So first things first -

How can you improve your physical energy TODAY?


However, this is just one type of energy.


In order to live a balanced life, there are 4 types of energy that need to be managed.



The next type to look into is the 

Mental Energy

Your brain uses glucose to make every decision.


👉 The colour of the shoes you're wearing with your outfit - is a decision.

👉 Driving in your car, and the light changes to green, it's a decision to go.

👉 And every time your phone makes a 'ding' - you need to make a decision to respond to it.


The list goes on and on and our brain has to make more decisions than ever.


We have evolved technologically but not biologically.


We have to cope with so many decisions, day in day out.

This is the reason you feel tired, mentally drained.


Even when you sit all day but you have to make so many difficult decision, one after the next, you feel exhausted.


Your brain hurts at the end of the day and this constant decision making doesn't leave anything left for fun things or having quality time with loved ones.


How can you manage your mental energy?

Most people allow others to rob their mental energy.


Every single distractions depletes your mental energy - notifications on your phone, extra music, extra people, extra steps....


If you want to make fewer decisions, you need extra habits.

Having a productive and energising morning routine is one of them.


But so is organisation of tasks that need to be done in order to achieve their goals, eg Social Media, Styling, Nutrition ...


So which mental distractions can you get rid off TODAY? 

(apps, notifications, meetings, preparing lunch in advance...)



The next type of energy is Spiritual Energy.

It's how you feel connected outside yourself.

It's your faith in whatever or whoever.


If you feel you just exist and not connected to anything or anyone - that drains your energy.

People who feel connected and part of something bigger, have more energy.


Who do you need to align yourself with to feel energised because they belief what you belief, you get energy from and inspiration to go above and beyond TODAY?


It might be a group of people in your private circle, like your friends or family but also a mastermind, a coach or mentor.



Last but not least - we have Emotional Energy.

It can accelerate you or stop you in your tracks.


Positive emotions fuel people to achieve greatness because it opens up possibilities.


It gives you energy because it's your why - the thing that makes you care a little bit more, give a little bit more, get up a little earlier ... because it's an emotional motivator.


Negative emotion can be debilitating because they are tight to negative beliefs - I'm not good enough ... Who am I to talk about this ...


This is called fear and stops us from doing things - but it is nothing than emotional energy that can be managed.


In order to not feel tired, exhausted and passive - we need to  learn how to manage those types of energy. 


Physical energy starts this whole process.

How you sit in a chair, how you respond to people, your body language ...the people you attract in your life, the opportunities you are getting exposed to, the impressions you make - they are primarily based on physical energy.


Physical energy can change the energy of a room. 


Energy attracts energy.

When people ask me how I can have so much energy - I say: by using energy. That's how I get energy

How do you have energy to exercise? By exercising.

How do you have the energy to get up that early? By getting up early.

How do you have energy to run so many trainings? By running trainings.


People are drawn to people who have energy and a positive attitude as it feels invigorating. That's why positive people have more opportunities because they attract more.

Once your physical energy changes, your brain changes.


So what can you do TODAY to convey the energy you want to attract to your life? 

Where can you lean in and put energy towards?


Get started and get clarity on who you are, what it is that energises you, the people that reinvigorate and inspire you so you can excel in life today!

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