Proven Tips to Get Known In Your Industry 

People always seek and put heavy weight on expert insights and advice, be it in a career or personal setting. When one is seen as an authoritative figure in a field or industry, what they have to say is regarded and given emphasis on.

Your Personal Brand works with a combined effort of your knowledge and content making to help you build an image of thought leadership. Building and promoting a Personal Brand is not a popularity contest-- It is all about putting out content that imparts value to your audience and sharing the knowledge you have. This, in turn, helps you get known and solidify your career in whatever industry you are in.

We've rounded up some creative ways you can promote your Personal Brand and get known in any industry, even if no one knows you yet.

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Speaking Engagements

While there are a couple of learning curves to get over, taking the leap to become a speaker is one of the most quick and effective ways to promote one’s Personal Brand.

I regularly get invited to speak and contribute on different platforms, and although I am not the most extroverted like you would associate to a person who speaks in public a lot, I was able to overcome it as I saw results and how well people respond when they are imparted with knowledge this way. 

I shared a few tips on how you can improve your public speaking skills here.

A really helpful way to boost confidence on the stage is to be well-prepared. Remember that people are looking for short but sharp, valuable takeaways from your speech, so have those on-hand.

Also think about your audience— what is the population consisting of? Are they young adults, teens, or senior executives? You can tailor fit your speech to apply examples of situations that a particular kind of group might have experienced or will experience in the future.

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Write LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn Articles are perfect if you are not on the extroverted end but want to establish Personal Brand quick. My LinkedIn article archive is full of knowledge on Personal Branding, Future of Work, and Career Development, and my audience engage with me through it.

LinkedIn is the best place to be seen with content, so if you want to start writing, do so in this platform.

When you select a topic, you can choose how you want to discuss it-- either in the technical writing form, as a ‘How To’, a case study, create a Listicle around it, or even an infograph if you are knowledgeable in digital design.

Volunteer for Boards and Charity

Character is often overlooked as part of building a Personal Brand, but it is ultimately what helps individuals go farther than any other factor. Follow through and talk about your causes even outside volunteer hours. Be an advocate and a voice, and people will remember you for your meaningful contributions as a member of society.

Attend MeetUps, Conferences and Network

Your network is your net worth.

Being up to date and understanding how today’s network and industry works is your Personal Brand’s leverage, so utilize conferences and events and what you learn from it effectively. I myself enjoy going out not just to meet industry leaders but to hear their wise words from them.

MeetUps also have a ton of events you can choose from. If you are keen to connect with like-minded people and learn more about the future of work, join our own MeetUp group and you are invited to join our upcoming events.

Seek for opportunities to network or exclusive chances to meet speakers and co-attendees at conferences. Follow-up by connecting with them on LinkedIn, creating content about learnings and tagging them, or following hashtags from the event and  engaging on posts of people you met.


Guest on A Podcast or Host Your Own

There are two ways to use a podcast to promote your Personal Brand. It can either be through being a guest on someone else’s podcast or hosting one yourself.

I previously did a guest hosting with Leanne Hughes in her podcast First Time Facilitator, called Don't Sell The Plane, Sell The Holiday. We spoke about building credibility when you’re still starting out in the industry, and how to market yourself without it feeling like bragging. 

If you are new to this platform, its ideal to start as being a guest host and learn the best practices first from people who are already doing it. Research podcasts of your niche and listen in so you can choose the ones where your style is best fit, or you can aim for the moon and choose at least 3-5.

Find a contact, and create a powerful pitch and an email that will help the host know that you offer real value for his show and listeners. Help them decide that you are too hard to pass on! This is where your Personal Brand will come in very handy, so it really helps that you have a strong one.

If you want to dive in and create your own show, you need to put in just as much work. It’s much like starting your own business where you need to start ground up and build your brand, and then market it. The benefits and opportunities it will do to your Personal Brand will soar tenfolds, so it’s something worth looking in to if you can commit to it.

Ready to get your Personal Brand known? Talk to us or check out theimpaCCCt Online Academy. It’s going to create a ton of difference in your career and personal life, so get on board and start working on it today.

Petra ZinkimpaCCCT