Personal Brand: A 2019 Non-Negotiable

Nowadays, people talk about Personal Branding as if it’s a trend that will fade, and so there’s really no need to jump and join the bandwagon to create one. 


That’s mistake number 1, because Personal Branding has in fact been around ever since humans are able to associate actions and words to who another is , and therefore creates a decision or choice based on that perception. Yet, only some people are able to take control of their own representation.

Its reach extends beyond entrepreneurship, although for the past years it is mostly marketed towards business owners. Job hunters, employers, students, investment specialists, salesmen and women, even executives from Tech industries and technically anyone who is authentic and wants to stand out in their career should have a reputable Personal Brand.

Mistake number 2 is thinking that who you think you are is exactly what everybody else thinks so. If only it was that easy! Then we wouldn’t need to work so hard to groom up on interviews, learn new skills, or say anything about our accomplishments at all.

The case might be that you’re unsure if where you’ve been in your career is where you want to go still, or that you dont know what path to take yet at all. So whether you are a beginner, a mid-level senior, or an expert in something you’re good at and love, a Personal Brand will help you fast track your career growth and solidify your future.

Especially because we’re now going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution where everything is changing, and technology is fast becoming interwoven to our daily lives. Just look at what the future of work will look like in 2030

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So why is Personal Branding A 2019 Non-Negotiable, regardless of what field you’re in?

Let us breakdown what Personal Branding does on a human-level experience:

Human beings in general avoid uncertainty and instability. And this is where brands come in.

Scientifically, humans are more likely to interact with people or brands they have a positive association with. That’s not to say you only need to project all the good stuff about you, and then you’ll have a strong brand. Take also into account that humans are drawn to people they have similarities with. This then means that you do not only need to have a record of straight As, you have to be real and relatable.

This is a guide that tells us that, if you’d like people to engage with you, you have to be seen with a record of what you have done right in your work or career, and you have be authentic and relatable.


If that is the case, it is now obvious that the role of Personal Branding is not to create an image, but to reveal the truth about who a person is, his values, what he does best, what a person is genuinely interested in, and what experiences had led him to be credible and relatable in that field to be trusted by the market.

To know this truth, one needs clarity on his strengths, uniqueness, goals, and how to reach his state of flow.

Another arm of Personal Branding is documenting and communicating that truth to an audience. Apart from simply being known, it is important to be remembered and regarded during the presence of need.

What better channel to utilize for documenting and communicating your work other than the internet? You now have the luxury to put in as much information about you, that even your love for dogs can definitely help you shine.

The case of needing to document and communicate is so that when a person experiences a problem that they believe you can solve, they will hopefully reach out to you. This completes the purpose of Personal Branding which is to help an individual capitalize on what they do best. Profit organically comes when you have put in the work to back your brand.

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Knowing what you know now about Personal Brand, you undoubtedly should believe that it will give you leverage among thousands, if not million others, who are doing the same work as you.

Does it matter that there are others? Yes, because in a congested world, full of people competing to profit while doing what they love in the same way as you, you need to stand out.


And really, who doesn’t want to have a career they love, be known for it, and profit out of? Especially when you know what you’re particularly good at and love doing.

Ready to create your Personal Brand? Talk to us or check out the ways we can help you, whichever stage you are in your career.