Your network = your net worth. 20 quick Tips on how to expand it.

We all heard the phrase 'your network is your net worth' and your Personal Brand is the sum of you and the people you surround yourself with as it will get you exposed to opportunities you may never would have come across. So it is key to choose wisely and network strategically for mutual benefit.

20 easy but effective tips to make the most out of your next network function!


✔️ Take an active role in at least one professional or philanthropic organization.

✔️ DON’T burn bridges when you leave jobs or assignments and never look back.

✔️ Do attend functions where you know you’ll meet people you need to know.

✔️ How many people do you typically meet at networking functions? Up it!

✔️ Before going to a networking event, set your objectives for the event.

✔️ Practice your elevator pitch - state confidently what you do, for whom you do it, and how you are different from your peers or competitors - in 1 minute or less!

✔️ When you find a contact who would be perfect for friends or colleagues, connect with them immediately (LinkedIn/Facebook)

✔️ Know how to end conversations comfortably when it isn’t quite the right conversation.

✔️ Bring business cards AND your smile!

✔️ When people ask you about what you do for work, tell them what you do and how you do it - not just your job title!

✔️ Be clear to others about who your ideal contacts would be so you can get referrals

✔️ Find clever ways to reconnect and/or stay in touch with contacts.

✔️ Have a clear system for what you do when adding a new contact. Don’t just pile their business card to the other hundred.

✔️ When following up, provide value before you ask for anything

✔️ Send thank-you cards for business referrals or for career opportunities.

✔️ Talk to as many members of your professional network as you can.

✔️ Have an e-mail list of your professional contacts so that you can easily send them a mass e-mail.

✔️ Go the extra mile with contacts and send birthday greetings or e-greetings cards to members of your professional network.

✔️ Do follow up with people who were referred to you by someone you know.

✔️ Do return voicemails and e-mails from network contacts.


Not sure where to find those network opportunities?

Here are some suggestions to get you out there:

  • Join groups. Join professional or special interest groups where you can meet new people like MeetUp, Eventbrite, local community groups...

  • Participate. Become active by taking on a board position. Attend the chapter meetings or events offered by the group.

  • Volunteer. Volunteering exposes you to people you may not otherwise meet. You can build your skills, serve the community, and meet new people.

  • Speak at events. Share your expertise about your career or interests to not only build your network but also become known for your brand.

  • Be active online. Begin by crafting your profiles on key online sites. Post updates, share books, or identify interesting articles to your contacts.

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