Fast track to a life you genuinely love with those 3 tactics

Over the last 3.5 years, I have had hundreds of conversations with incredible talented professionals about their career.

No matter the seniority, experience, industry or role they are in, one issue for those high flyers that has come up over and over again is that they want more to what they do now and don’t want to accept the status quo.


The issue however, 9 out of 10 times is that they answer the question:

‘So what do you want to do?’


‘I don’t know’.



Ok – and that’s exactly the issue.


How can we expect to get what we want when we don’t even know what that is?


This is usually the time when so many of us look for external inspiration and advice and follow someone else’s path.


The issue with that however is that nobody has what you have – all your experience, your expertise, your interests and goals, your characteristic traits …

So as much as you can be good at something, there is always something you - and only you - can be great at.


So why trait good for great?

(And we know that if we want a premium, you need to give a premium which you can only do when you enjoy doing it and naturally good at so that becoming great at it is easy.)


Here are the 3 tactics that I have applied over and over again but have also helped hundreds of professionals in their journey to create their perfect life and lifestyle – and it works in any aspect of your life! Just give them a go!


1.)   Be clear what you really want!

Easier said than done.


The human brain is always on the look out for something to do, for being occupied and it burns more calories to mull over things you still figure out than doing things on autopilot

This is what keeps us safe as we don’t have to think about how to get from A to B, how to eat ...


This is however also why we often get distracted by the shiny objects, watch TV or check the phone and realise 1h later that you’ve gotten nowhere.


Humans are also wired to look for solutions for something we truly care about. How else do you think humans could figure out how to kill animals, cross rivers, build houses … even though they had never done it before?



By trusting their instincts and creativity to solve a problem that’s nagging enough, and has become important enough for them to work on a solution.


So let’s get started:

Grab a paper and write down the ONE thing you truly want. If tomorrow would be the perfect day, what would be the difference to today?


If you are stressing out straight away because you have written down something you’d like to have/do but don’t know straight away how to get there, don’t worry!

That’s part of the process!


All you need to do now is to be(come) clear on where you want to go and opportunities will present themselves because you attract them with everything you do and the energy you put out there.


Once you have written down this one thing, ask yourself – why?

Why is it so important to achieve it?


This is the time to go deep and connect emotionally with your goal:

  • What would the extra cash mean?
  • What would having found the perfect partner in crime mean?
  • What would travel the world mean?


Knowing your outcome will help you accelerating to get them – under the condition you commit to them! And do so 100%!

If you say – ‘oh yeah ... it would be great to lose 5kgs’ … is way too weak for you to take actions – it’s just not committal enough to ‘waste’ energy on it.


We only get results by being consistent – so until you committed, you have hesitancy and in the second something minor happens outside your control you will drop all the efforts it takes to get there.



2.)   Magic 20

Now you know what you want to do, start thinking about 20 different ways to it.


As mentioned, humans are creative and always look for solutions.

It’s a matter of cultivating our creativity and challenge ourselves with coming up with different ways to get there that make us successful as I guarantee you – out of those 20 ways, there is at least 1 way that works.


Anxiety happens because we don’t know what is going to happen to us and humans avoid pain or disappointment to save themselves. And anyway, who wants to fail?


However, even if you fail with 1,2 or 19 solutions, the possibility that there is one solution that get you there, is high and also forces you to think further than you would usually allow yourself to go.


3.)   Obstacles you will face

Rock. Shock. Horror. You will face obstacles and problems along the way.


If you are not 100% committed to your goal, every single knock back or unplanned incident will rock your boat and kick you off your path.


But it doesn’t have to be!


Best prevention to avoid anxiety is preparation and knowing what to do, when and how is what keeps your brain relaxed as you have answers to potential threats.


So now you know what you want and possible ways to get there, think about what could come in your way for you to not achieve it.


For every of those 20 steps – what could happen that keeps you from succeeding?


Write everything down, like that:

Let’s assume you apply for a role directly by calling the line manager and s/he says no. How do you handle it?

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. Please keep me in mind if anything else comes up or if you know of anyone else who I could get in touch with.’


There you go – it’s as easy as that and there is always a solution to a problem.

If you handle the rejection, the potential ‘failure’, the worst case scenario already before it happens, you know what to expect and it doesn’t hit you anymore.


An objection only becomes a problem if you can’t see a solution which only comes from being surprised by and not prepared for it.


But in order to solve a problem, you need to know why you should put in the effort and energy which linked back to what you really want.


Everything you do creates energy which effects your results.

Consistency in doing is what you get there.

  • So who do you want and need to be to do what you want?
  • How do you want to feel when you have achieved this goal?
  • Why does it matter?


Make sure you are super crystal clear on what you want first before you put in any work; commit to it and you will always find ways to make it work.


Just remember one thing – especially when you think whatever it is that you want to have is too big:

You wouldn’t have the dream if you wouldn’t have already what it takes to make it reality.


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