Is It Worth Hiring A Career Coach?

The gift of a career coach is something that outlasts us and paves the way for the great things that will be our legacy.


In a study of a Fortune 500 company, executive coaching’s ROI and “significant intangible benefits to the business” was reported to be at 529%, and 40% of those companies now use professional coaching services. 80% received increase in self-confidence, and 86% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

In another study of managers and executives in a Fortune 1000 company that engaged in change and growth coaching reported a 67% improvement in teamwork, 48% increase in organizational strength, and 34% reduction in customer complaints.

But coaching is not exclusive to senior levels. Leadership coaching, high performance, and strength alignment is something that junior executives can benefit from greatly as well.


What is a Career Coach?

 A career coach is someone who helps an individual identify and redefine career paths, and help build and achieve career plans and goals.

That sounds straightforward and simple, but there is actually so much more that is involved in coaching and it requires true effort, collaboration, and a really credible coach to make things a success.

Coaching is all about change. It can cover a vast range of goals, from mapping out a path, creating more opportunities to provide value, career pivot, to Personal Branding, leadership, and your digital footprint.


Why would someone need a career coach?

 Whether you are someone in your early 20s and confused of what career path to take, or in your late 30s with so much skill and expertise, and wanting a change or needing more opportunities, a career coach can help you.

There are a lot of situations in one’s career where they might need professional help for expert advice, guidance, accountability, or resources. Any move in a career is risky, especially if there are other individuals involved during decision-making. Therefore, careful planning is a must.

This also includes having several options and back-up plans available. This is where a career coach comes in and refines plans to be more strategic, and helps open up opportunities through their own industry knowledge and network.


Another key role of a career coach is helping individuals align their strengths, interests,  and skills to a job where they will thrive and create the most influence and impact to others. 

Here are some of our own career coaching service inclusions that has time and again been proven effective, holistic, and rapidly transforming.


High Performance Development

Preparation for Future of Work

Templates for Connection Building

Personal Brand Development

Coaching on Public Speaking

Communicating Expertise: Optimizing Online and Offline Presence

Content Creation

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Is it Worth Hiring A Career Coach?


There are several factors to consider before hiring a career coach. In a sense, a career coach becomes your partner in creating a successful and fulfilling career or reaching goals that you want to achieve in your organization as a leader.

Clients will benefit greatly because there are numerous tricky steps along the way that they might encounter; Whether it’s a tough job market, a lengthy career change, or a technical disruption in an industry.

Clients will need as much help as they can get, and solid, effective insights that are not readily available anywhere— not even on the internet.

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How can I contribute in optimizing the experience of having a coach?


Because we treat coaching as a partnership, there is emphasis on being suggestible and having an open-mind. Welcoming ideas that seem to steer away from one’s comfort zone will definitely help an individual optimize the experience, as they can have someone accountable for them for support and confidence.

Having a good attitude towards learning, upskilling, and reskilling is also directly linked to success, especially in today’s fast-changing work environment

If you think you’re ready to take on new challenges and grow to better influence others and make an impact, then consider looking for a coach that will boost your career, and ultimately guide you to becoming your best self.

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