How To Find The Right Career Coach: Top Tips

Years ago, I remember someone gave me a really good piece of advice:

“Not one teacher fits all.”

It was short but nonetheless, it was meaningful. The same concept can be applied in a lot of areas in life, but today let’s keep it relevant, it really applies well to career coaching.

If you start searching for a career coach online, you will see hundreds within your location with websites and claims, and it will not be easy for you to select and compare each one side by side, so we’ve prepared a list of tips and guides for you to follow when you are trying to find the right fit for you.

1. Identify your own ultimate goal

It’s important before deciding to hire a career coach that you know what it is you want and need to achieve as an end goal. During the coaching process, you might have a different perspective and therefore have additional goals, but having one ultimate goal initially will help you decide on whether or not a career coach is a good fit, depending on what he or she can offer in terms of planning and approach. 


2. Make an informed choice

Don’t just look at the first page of the search results and hire the first person that comes up. Go over several profiles and really take the time to get to know the coach. Keep in mind that you will be investing in him or her, so don’t waste resources on someone who might not live up to what they say they can.

3. Check his or her own previous experiences

Does this person have any solid experience to actually coach you on based on your needs? Go on LinkedIn and check their previous work experiences, look for connections and recommendations they might have. If they offer free first sessions, take advantage of it and ask good questions such as their work style, their values, and the nitty-gritty of their program packages.

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4. Double-down on testimonials and case studies

You want to read testimonials that do not only have generic praise words but also gives you an idea on how a person was helped and how it changed or created an impact on him or her. Case studies are excellent, so if they are available, ask for those and take the time to read and learn about your coach.

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5. Not one teacher fits all

There are other several factors that may lead you to narrow down your selection such as price, the package inclusions such as frequency of coaching sessions, form of communication, lifetime access to certain database, or inclusions of referral services.


Ideally if you are in the early stages of your career, you want someone to give focus on core areas that will help you long-term. If you are in the mid or senior level, you want a career coach with a deeper level of expertise, sophistication of approach, and a bigger perspective in terms of creating plans for achieving results.

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