Build your Brand.

Create your Future.

People buy of People because they like and trust them. But trust doesn't happen overnight. A relationship is established by ongoing Interaction and Conversations, exploring whether or not you resonate with each other.

We are moving into a service based Economy where Success heavily relies on how well your own Brand is perceived by others and that's why self-marketing and promotion becomes a Key Skill to stay relevant in Business - whether it may be in a Corporate Career or as Entrepreneur.


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Personal Branding 1:1 Accelerate Program

Over 8 weeks, we will define and develop steps to bring your Personal Branding to life, online and offline. You will gain clarity on your strengths, how to communicate your value so you can capitalise on what makes you you. You will get sufficient in Social Media so you can make the impaCCCt you want!



  • Pre-Session review of your Online and Offline Presence, Goals, Gaps + Audit PDF
  • 2x 3h Workshops in person 
  • 4x 60-minutes Skype or in-person Coaching sessions
  • Tailored Step-by-Step Program with Tools PDF for Social Media, Sales / Engagement Funnels, Content Creation, Curation & Management
  • Social Media Training on popular Web and Mobile Applications
  • 2-Weeks email Support for Questions and Check-in's after





Embody your Brand - Full Day Workshop

Personal Branding, Styling & Social Media

Ever heard of the term “fake it till you make it”? Yes? Well, better scrap it in this case because we want you to be(come) the best version of yourself and will walk the walk with you.

We know that looking and feeling strong, confident and ready to take on anything is what makes you be(come) the best version of yourself and inspires others to follow you. And whilst - by no means - is a one stop and one size fits all approach, we can speed up the process by joining forces with the best in their field and help you to build and develop the brand that wows and makes an impaCCCt - even on yourself.

Investing in yourself is the foundation for others to invest in you too, may it be in your skills as employee or in your services/products as entrepreneur/employer. People who neglect their image will be left behind and the dream career and desired lifestyle will always be a dream.


$399 (Full Day Workshop incl 3 professional Head Shots)


Together with a Personal Stylist, we will:

  • Identify your YOU-niqueness
  • Define your Personal Brand
  • Identifying your Personal Style, best Colours and Cuts complementing your Brand
  • Clarify your Target Audience
  • Hone in on your Messaging and Communication
  • Show you the easy and effective Way how to bring it all together and ti life across relevant Channels - Online but also Offline.
  • Social Media Training with tools so you can take control and manage your Brand ongoing

IGNITE YOUR BRAND - Half Day Workshop

  • You know you are ready for bigger and better things but don't know how to get them?
  • You are motivated to inspire but don't know how to reach your ideal audience?
  • You enjoy Social Media but find it daunting to use it for your career and/or business?

Then this hands on Training Course is perfect for you!

In this 3h content and action packed Workshop, you will:

  • identify what makes you unique and define your Personal Brand
  • get a clear understanding of your ideal audience based on your goals
  • learn how to create and craft content that resonates and converts
  • walk away with plenty of practical (and mostly free) tools you can use straight away to make Social Media more effective and less confusing
  • feel energised and motivated to get your Brand out there and take the lead to inspire others and make an impaCCCt

You get the most out of this course if you are a:

  • Consultant, Coach and Expert in a service based Industry and are the Brand of your Business and your are early on in your Entrepreneur Journey
  • Expert in your field who are ready to amplify your Brand to step into more senior roles or use it to grow/set up your own Business
  • Senior executives, managers, business owners who realises your responsibility is to lead by example and you want to gain the confidence and learn the 'recipe' to attract the ideal clients, investors and employees

/// Bring your Laptop and a charged Smart Phone - we will put Theory into Practice straight away! \\\




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