Extraordinary lives don't just happen. They are created. Time to create life-changing moments!

'I want to have an average life.'
Said no one ever - at least not high flyers who constantly strive to do more, be better and create a life they can be proud of when looking back at their lives
Defining moments are what makes us us and what we remember.

Last week's newsletter was all about change.
Change is inevitable but it's what we make of it.

Over the last week, I have received numerous messages mainly with the same question:
How to not only embrace change but evoke those life changing experiences pro-actively?

I mentioned that most of the life-defining moments, those that make us the person we are and gotten us to where we are now happen before 30.

This is also why so many hit a bit of a wall after achieving a fair bit already in their life.

So this week is all about regaining more excitement, energy and joy for life through designing those moments as it is in your power to do so!

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First things first:

What are life-defining moments?

It's an unusually memorable and meaningful memory.

When I start coaching my clients, we always go back to the very start.

We go through the different stages in life to identify how they got where they are now but also why they can't get to where they want to be.

Even though they usually look different, they always have something in common - it's just a matter of being aware of what it is to then evoke those emotions in other situations.

It might be a moment when you were at holidays, when you met a special someone, when you graduated, when you got your first car ...
it's usually a first in some shape of form.

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Outstanding lives don't just happen.
They are created!

Life doesn't stop when you turn 30 just because most of those life-changing firsts happened before then.

It is about creating those magical moments that evoke those positive emotions and give us the energy to do bigger and better whilst enjoying the journey.

Digging deeper and going from consuming those experiences to designing those, it's important to realise the common thread of those moments.

According to Dan Heath (co-author of The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact ) there are 4 different elements for life-defining moments:

Elevation: joy, delightfulness, surprise - lifting the game in the every day life

Insight: we discover something about ourselves or the world

Pride: moments when you were at your best and you have accomplished something big

Connection: bringing people closer to each other.

Life-changing moments are different for everyone as we all have different brand archetypes (personality traits), priorities and goals.

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Humans drive for safety and stability.
But greatness and the biggest rewards come from change.

How to balance that? 

There are only 2 questions you need to ask yourself:

1.) What is fear holding you back from?
2.) “Is it worth it?”

Heroes don't create history.
It's challenging and demanding situations that make heroes.

Put yourself in a situation where you can genuinely fail. May it be public speaking, dancing lessons, going to the gym. Whatever it is you always wanted to do but just haven't had the courage or dedication to do.

Only by experiencing situations and challenges we can learn about ourselves and how we deal with it.

Too many of us are waiting for those life changing moments and live in the future.

The ones who continue to grow and rise are those who pro-actively putting themselves in situation where they are challenged.

You can't be what you can't see.

There are 2 ways to get started:
1.) Do it yourself (or also known as JFDI) 

2.) Do it with a coach.

New situations are already daunting enough.
That's why evoking those situations is easiest when having someone to work on:
> clarifying what it is that you really want
> assessing what's worth taking a risk and
> creating pro-active solutions to face and conquer those situations.


If you want to fast track those trigger situations and get clarity on the key moments that got you to where you are but don't let you get any further,

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