Why you avoid certain tasks (and how to get through those dreaded tasks)

Hands on heart ... is this you?

'I'll get to it when the kids are older.'
'I've got too much on now - things will slow down later this year.'
'I don't have the energy outside work to do something else.'

Might sound familiar and absolutely logical for your current situation too.
However, what it really is called is PROCRASTINATION.

Over the last few months, talking and working with hundreds of high flyers at workshops and 1:1 coaching, the number one challenge was productivity ... with those types of responses:


> 60% prioritizing tasks

> 55% organization

> 49% staying focus 

> 36% lack of time in the day


And when asked "What’s the one thing you want to improve in yourself or grow in your career", there were surprisingly two very common answers:


  1. Improve confidence
  2. Stop procrastinating

One reason people tend to procrastinate projects and tasks is because they lack the confidence in their ability to complete the task or they don't see clearly the HOW - so that's why they are not even starting because it's a daunting feeling. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 8.02.20 AM.png

You can't solve the problem with the same level of consciousness that you created it with

Human beings naturally choose the path of least resistance.
That's why we usually choose the easy path and the one we know, the one that's familiar to us as it is the safe option.

It's also called the 'Success Trap'

This is when things go well and the current situation is quite comfortable which minimises the reason to change anything about it.

However, this is also what prevents you from growing. Because you are not learning anything new.

Last week was all about 'life-defining' moments and that we have most of our 'firsts' before the age of 30 years.

After that - it is up to us to consistently look for those firsts, those moments that challenge but also excite us.

They come less and less organically as we have experienced already a big chunk in various aspects of our lives.

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Constantly feeling tired is not normal. 

Creating and constantly 'chasing' those moments sound exhausting for many I speak to because they already feel tired by what they do. 

So how on earth could they possibly create something new all the time to evoke this constant personal growth?

There are 3 ways to it:

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Is it always avoid-able? No.
Is it sometimes necessary to just stick it out? Yes!

  • Set aside time to accomplish these tasks, knowing you’ll need extra energy to finish them.
  • Use a calendar app with reminders to keep you on track.
  • Keep a checklist so that you can go through the process of crossing these tasks off.
  • Prepare for it the night before and do it first up so you don't waste energy thinking about it all day.


  • Get to know you, your natural strengths, when you are in the flow and at your best (take the Brand Archetype test)
  • Then surround yourself with those who complement everything you have to offer and takes over the tasks that exhaust you but gets them in their flow state.


  • Reduce these types of interactions and tasks (but also people who you feel suck energy rather than give you energy), so you’re not put in a position to waste your energy here.
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Your energy is your most valuable asset.
And it is also the one which is the least abundant.

The aim is to not avoid tasks you are dreading.
The aim is to
👉be(come) aware of what sets you in the flow
👉know when you can be at your greatest (not just by default because of practice but because of choice due to passion) and to
👉create environments (incl people) that complement your energy rather than depleting it.

What's the one take out from this?

It all starts with YOU and being conscious of what you bring to the table
so you can empower others to do what they are meant to do
and create significant results; not just busyness.

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