The 100 Hour Rule

You can only pivot if you are moving.

Last week's newsletter about procrastination clearly sparked some creativity in a few of you as I got messages like:
'I finally know that I've been wasting so much time on things I shouldn't be doing'  
'I'm excited to streamline my day and outsource those tasks that really aren't aligned with what I have to offer'

but also messages like:
'I've got a million ideas - where should I even start?'

And that is the next hurdle once you realise you are procrastinating because you are not in the flow, are eager to change things, have a million different ideas but lack the focus on what to concentrate first.

Then we are in the stage of OVERWHELM.

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This is where the 100 Hour RULE comes in

How would you spend 100 hours of self development?

Would you spend it on areas
👉that you are:
👉good at?
👉average at?
bad at?

Is it 30% : 30%: 30%?

or is it more

40% : 30% : 30%?

The most successful people in the world answered this question in
only 2 ways:

80% : 20% : 0%
100% : 0% : 0%

There is a clear correlation to the level of success.

The focus of those successful people is clearly on aspects they are already good at so they can become the best at.

Just think about it for a second:

If you invest 80-100% focus on what we are already good at, you can accelerate your contribution in what you have to offer as you already enjoy doing it, get the endorphins as 'reward' and keep perfecting your craft.

Working on your weaknesses and force yourself to invest time, money and energy in areas that don't naturally put you in a flow state only makes you feel exhausted, worn out and tired.

It only sucks energy from you which shows up in all other aspects of your life too.

Energy is the least abundant resource available.

If you spend most of it on something that is not aligned with you, it's dreading and you waste majority of your energy on:
> first the procrastination
> then the negative feeling about it
> to then eventually fighting through it
How much of your energy can you realistically have left to spend on people and things that actually invigorate you and be the best version you can be there? 

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Create a system where you can play to your strengths.

Knowing what it is that you are good at and can
easily become better at doesn't only give you
more fulfilment
because you're putting yourself in a state of flow
but also makes you
more valuable for those who need what you have
because you can be present and focused 100%!

The more you
invest in your strengths, your skills and your knowledge,
the more you can make a difference
because you can become a genuine expert in your field and this is what people turn to for.


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Ok - you decided you want to step up, you want to be a leader (whatever that means to you) and you want to make a difference,
start with those 3 questions:

1.) What is it that I enjoy doing?
(and why? What is it about cooking, exercising, teaching, writing ... that you enjoy rather than the activity as such)

2.) What is it that I'm good at?
(think about different situations, personally and professionally - what is the super power that always comes through and you can rely on)

3.) What is it that others turn to me for? (as this is eventually what people will also pay you for and is an external validation of your judgement)



You can't be a good leader if you don't know how to lead yourself.

By mastering yourself, you can master your surroundings.

Once you know what it is that makes you you and valuable for others, it's time to surround yourself with people who complement your strengths.

It may be through growing your team (wisely), to outsource certain tasks (thank God for freelancers) or by surrounding yourself with people who help you develop in your strengths further.

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When it comes to your SKILLS:
INVEST in your Strengths.
When it comes to your QUALITIES:
INVEST in your Weaknesses.

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