Where does creativity come from?

'I have no special talent.
I'm only passionately curious' 
Albert Einstein

75% of people say they don't feel they live up their lives to their fullest creative potential.

May it be through not being challenged at work, not being challenged in their relationship because their partner doesn't believe in the same dynamics or not being challenged in giving their best by following their intuition for what they actually want to do.

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Number 1 skill of innovation? 


A study conducted with over 3,000 executives over 6 years showed that innovation comes from associating. 

It's a cognitive skill that allows you to connect dots, see patterns in seemingly contradicting areas, put together two unrelated ideas that initially don't make sense together but actually build a much higher value than it wouldn't have had on its own.

Steve Jobs was successful in combining calligraphy to build computers.

Did it make sense initially?

Was it visible to most?

Did it make an impact?
You bet!

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So how can you be more creative?

Creativity emerges from the interconnection from ideas.

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Creativity is when

imagination is connected with insights.

MIT found out that the most innovative ideas come from people who have diverse networks and backgrounds.

However, the problem most people face is that they are trapped in environments with the same thinking as it not only confirms their identity but also the feeling of safety.

We seek information that justify our own being.



Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is fantastic to feel the sense of belonging and safety.


By our longing defines our belonging and we can't be what we can't see.

This is why disruptions in any shape or form are usually the only 'motivator' for people to change and look outside their bubbles. 
May it be redundancy, divorce, health issues, ...

But why wait for external forces to wake us up when we can evoke those life-changing moments pro-actively for us to grow?

👉Who is challenging your understanding of how you see the world?

👉Who is holding up the mirror to you, showing your beliefs and questioning them?

👉Who is exposing you to new ways of thinking which become new ways of doing and with that, new ways of being?

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is the
yourself to



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