Let's get real about ... Coaching

"It's not how good you are now; it's how good you're going to be that really matters."
- Gawande (watch his TED talk about how to get great at something)

Working with high achievers, the one thing they have in common is their drive for doing better - doing more, doing it more effectively and doing it more efficiently.

Their motivation?
To make an impact because they can feel there is more to them than their current status quo.

Their pain point?
Not sure where to start because they don't see it clear what it is and then how to do it.

The reason why they aren't where they want to be yet?
The wrong thoughts and with that, taking the wrong actions.


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If you want to become great at something, get a coach

People often look at me 'slightly' perplex when I tell them that I work with 5 coaches at the moment.

My first ever paid coaching experience was in 2016
(with a social media expert & influencer).

I engaged her to get me up to speed with Social Media and my presence as I realised I had big gaps to fill but not much time due to the goals I wanted to achieve with my positioning
(that was the time when I started to pivot in my career).

Since then, I've continued to look out for experts who are where I want to be in terms of their way of thinking, living, working, acting and interacting.

Because it saves me years of figuring out myself through trial and error which is the other way of growing.

Nothing right or wrong with either - it's a matter of priorities and the importance of what it is that you want to master.

Would I get a cooking coach?
Nope. Simply because it's not something I'm super passionate about mastering to the detail.

So which coaches do I work with at the moment?

1 Coach is based in Cyprus and he is specialised in business and scaling
1 Coach is based in the US and he specialised in high performance and productivity
1 Coach is based in Brisbane and she is specialised in content creation
1 Coach is based in and he is specialised in leadership and influence
1 Coach is based in Brisbane and he is specialised in Body Composition


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So what really is the magic behind working with those coaches?

Patience - a trait that I couldn't say I have a lot of (if any at all)...

If I want something, I always look for the quickest and most efficient way to get it.

But you don't know what you don't know ...

Coaching for me has uncovered many blind spots and helped me realise gaps but at the same time, has also also given me clarity as to why I out perform in some aspects and have succeeded in situations I shouldn't have and why other aspects are just draining and I feel like the biggest loser when I do it.


And now I get to trigger those moments and realisations in others and the outcomes of those have been nothing short of incredible.

From changing career to starting a business to establishing themselves in a very profitable niche they never thought of to be even good enough - on their own terms ...

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Clarity is a big word.
One that is overused and often belittled.

I did the same as I didn't realised the power of it until I had my AHA moments.


In the minute you expose yourself
not so much to others but to yourself,
you will realise why you got to where you are now,
what it is that you actually thriving for but also
who you need to be to get you where you want to be.

👉Who is challenging your understanding of how you see the world?

👉Who is holding up the mirror to you, showing your beliefs and questioning them?

👉Who is exposing you to new ways of thinking which become new ways of doing and with that, new ways of being?

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I initially studied influencers in that space to simply understand and develop the ability to manipulate my own behaviour.

Simultaneously, I have been working with hundreds of ambitious people to see if my approach is also applicable to them and how universal certain behaviours and beliefs are.

And yes- there is certainly a common thread:
The most common excuses for them to not move in the right directions are those limiting beliefs:

(PS - Good news: because they are 'just' beliefs, they can be manipulated and directed in the way that benefits us rather than holding us back). It just takes awareness of the problems and the ability to solve them one action step at a time.


1. Money - I don't have the money right now to pursue what I really want to do
Starting in a new direction - may it be a new career or a business, takes time.
It could take 3 months or 3 years.
However, you could triple your current income after 2-3 years (yes, triple!) if you do not only good but great and you know it.


If you're impatient you might not want to hear that... and it means you really need this next point!

2. Short Term Vision - I don't want to take a step back in my career.

People with long term visions are more successful than people that only plan until the end of the month.

Also, most people overstimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can do in 5.

So taking a "step back" in your career actually means a step forward in your life.

3.Time - I'm too busy right now

Working hard in the wrong direction is not progress.
There are always many urgent things to do and the to-do list never gets smaller if you don't make it happen.

The real question is "Will I prioritize what's important over what's urgent and for that - do I even know what's important to me?".

4. Belief - Will I really be able to do it?

If we can put a man on the moon, you can probably achieve your goal.
Of course, it depends what your goal is and how well you know yourself - your strengths, weaknesses and how to fill gaps (by either investing in yourself or in others to complement your skill sets).

Coaching is the best way to get clear on that - based on your previous behaviours but also the way you rewire your thinking.

5. Clarity - I don't know what I would love to do.

That's ok. Before you love a person, you need to go on dates. Before you love a career, you need to get to know them first too!

Again - coaching is a perfect way to get exposed to new directions you might have not thought of, simply by uncovering your deeper lying motivations to pursue certain tasks, people or environments to then create your own ideal scenario.

It's about researching, exploring, pivoting and exposing yourself to different careers or business opportunities. Talking to people about them, watching videos, taking note of different things when you walk down the street.

Your brain is smart.
It will find answers for you when you keep questioning it (or allow an independent voice to challenge your thinking).



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