What it was like to mix and mingle with the biggest names in the world - Recap of Mega Success

In August this year, I did something that made me feel sick for 3 days straight … and I went through the motions (more the lows rather than the highs) … I committed to something big.

It’s been the biggest commitment (and investments) I have ever made and yes - I felt like throwing up a few days after I said yes because my mind played tricks on me that it was a wrong decision and could have been the biggest mistake to date where I can lose a lot.

I said yes to a new business coach. And being the nr 1 in his field, it sure comes with a price tag.

Whilst I was thinking (a lot) ‘but what if it was a scam’, ‘what if I never make back that much money’, ‘what else could I have paid for with that for my business’ … I also had an excitement and proud because I backed myself and decided to go all in.

That was 3 months ago … fast forwarding, I’m writing this sitting on a plan to Florida for an intense 3 days coaching after having attended one of the biggest, if not THE biggest conference ever - Mega Success.

2,500 attendees. 46 countries. A ton of celebrities.

And even more highly committed and driven entrepreneurs who have built million and billion dollar businesses whilst remaining humble about their success, down to earth in their attitude and one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet.

The conference was a mix of TEDx on steroids, a rock concert and business academy. 

Incredible speakers all around the world shared their stories - their struggles and what they had to overcome to where they are now.

And let me tell you: none of them had it easy. They did’t wake up with millions in their bank, had rich parents financing their dreams or simply had luck with a one in a million idea.

It was pretty much the opposite - from being broke and living on the street for years to losing everything in a fire and having to start from scratch to being diagnosed terminal ill, raped and abandoned - you name it.

This adversity probably was the catalyst at the same time to get them where they are now - highly successful business owners of multiple ventures, committed to sharing their learnings and giving back through charities, mentoring and volunteering.

And if learning from those stories were not enough, throughout the week we were joined by some of the biggest names in Business, Entertainment, Sport, Fashion and Technology who gave juicy insights into their ‘secret of success’.

I had the pleasure of interviewing two of the celebrities:

Jewel (Singer, Songwriter and Producer) and Charlie Sheen.

It was surprisingly refreshing as it was a real, raw and honest conversation and both shared insights into who they are as a person and not just celebrity.

impaCCCt Interview

I asked Jewel what it means to her to make an impact and her answer was that she realised she didn’t need a certain degree or follow a particular profession like being an environmental lawyer.

Her impact is the greatest when she makes music as this is what connects her with people and evokes emotions in them for them to act.

Charlie Sheen was interesting and at the beginning, I wasn’t sure how it will go, given his back story.

However, what really interested me was his approach to getting his career back on track.

Because let’s be honest - a brand and reputation takes a life time to build and only a few minutes to destroy and everyone makes mistake (even though on different scales).

His answer was simple but spot on:

impaCCCt Charlie Sheen interview


It all comes down to the choices you make today and if you want to get a different result, you need to make different decisions. Being present, being aware and not under the influence of negative stuff (people, drugs, alcohol) certainly helps a lot.

This blog would go on for ever if I would share the pages of pages of notes I took which is why I split it into 3 seperate articles. 

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You’d think it stops there because that in itself already was mind blowing. But no - there is more.

In between inspiring talks, insightful conversations, interviews with and performances from celebrities, we talked shop. All things about Branding, Marketing, building Businesses, Financials and everything in between.

All things about Branding, Marketing, building Businesses, Financials and everything in between. And boy - there is a reason why these people are where they are, whether you like them or not.

They know something others don't and the best way to change that is by surrounding yourself with those you want to learn from and be the sponge to soak up the knowledge and then go and implement it!

As we know - ideas without implementation = nothing!

It would be too long to summarise the juicy insights which is why I recapped some of the most resonating statements from a few of the celebrities below here

impaCCCt Mega Success

To come to a close for this blog, the thing that really hit home for me was this:

Nobody comes for you. Nobody waits for you. Nobody gives you anything.

It is what you do first in terms of 

  • clarifying your goal

  • delivering value (to others, not what’s valuable for you)

  • do what others don’t do

  • fall in love with the process of the becoming and let go of the ego of who you want to be.

There is no end goal. No final destiny. 

Life is a mastery and we do our best when we found out why we are on this earth and becoming a better version of ourselves every single day in the service for others.

If you want to find out how you can fast track your mastery and clarify what you stand for, what your point of difference is and how you can communicate it clearly and confidently to leave your mark behind, book your FREE 30min strategy session today!

Petra Zink

Petra Zink is a Coach,

Speaker and Educator on all things Career & Personal Development, Branding, High Performance and Innovation.

She works with Companies and Senior Professionals to build strong Businesses and Careers by building and managing a strong and sustainable Brand.

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