My Top 30 Take Outs from meeting with some of the World's Top Celebrities

My top 30 take outs from the top event of 2018 (and probably in history to date) - MEGA SUCCESS (5th - 10th Nov, Anaheim, California)

My notes are pages over pages and having gone over them now already a few times in the planes, it’s unbelievable how much value was delivered over those 6 days.

To share some of those learnings with you, here are my top 30 key take outs from the raw and real insights and learnings on what it takes to succeed:

1.) Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called present. 

Think and act in the here, right and now aligned with what you want your future to be like.

2.) Innovation is the ability to change. How you change and pivot is how successful you are.

3.) How long would you let someone dump trash in your house? Your brain is your most important house you own. Don’t let anyone dump their garbage and negativity there.

4.) Don’t listen to reply. Listen to understand.

5.) If you’re not selling, you’re being sold.

Selling = people’s business and not product business.

6.) Our biggest fear that holds us back from changing is the fear of losing what we have for what we want.

7.) Program your environment to support the change of your desired behaviour. There is no such thing as will power.

8.) Learn how to monetise your strengths and realise if your weaknesses are hurting you.

9.) If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.

10.) Successful people do whatever unsuccessful people don’t.

11.) People don’t buy a product, service or knowledge. They buy what the Brand stands for and everything you put out there should be with intention and by design, not by default.

12.) Someday is not a day in the calendar. Some day is today.

13.) You can’t always get what you want but you can be aware of what’s available to you and clarify if that serves you for what you want.

14.) Deliver something common in an uncommon way. This is when you deserve attention.

15.) Bee vs fly in a milk bottle with a warm light: a bee stays around the light where it’s warm and comfortable until it dies whereas fly tries everything to get out.

16.) Act like you belong where you want to be already today.

Make the same decisions like the one who is living your dream already.

17.) Most expensive words: Next time.

18.) Perception creates reality - inside and outside. How do you need to package your value to get recognise and paid for what you’re worth?

19.) It’s not about what you get out of an investment.

It’s about what you can make out of it.

20.) Successful entrepreneurs have 4 things in common:

a) They can manage their emotions

b) They have more energy than others and know how to manage and protect it

c) They know themselves well

d.) They study the world

21.) Especially when you’re small and just starting, you need to invest in your Brand.

22.) If you’re not first, you need to be different.

23.) The most powerful force in the universe is alignment. If what you say is aligned with who you are, what you do and how you feel, you’re unstoppable and incomparable

24.) 3 ways to be future fit:

  • Be agile in learning

  • Have a mindset of value creation

  • Build and manage networks

25.) Small decisions can have a massive impact.

Commitment compensates so decide today what 1 small thing you need to do or change to get to where you want to be.

26.) Focus on the solution you deliver and the problem you solve rather than clarifying the problem and selling your product.

27.) Pivoting is painful as you admit that something didn’t work (or doesn’t any longer).

But being aware of it, admitting it and acknowledging it puts you in a powerful decision because you let go of your ego and focus on the process.

28.) Become a champion by following those 5 C’s;

a) Know you are called to do …

When you are in a rut and everything feels dutiful, you don’t feel you’re called to something bigger than you and it won’t inspire you to do greatness.

b) Have and display confidence.

Have a deep down knowing that you can do it.

c) Challenge yourself

Accomplish more today than yesterday.

d) Bring out your natural competition and compare yourself with your own results and not with others

c) Collaborate with others rather than wasting energy on comparing yourself to others.

29.) Talk value. Not price.

30.) Everything you think has a physiological reaction.

You need to be able to name it to claim it and then potentially change it.

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