What you can learn from Celebrities and their mistakes ... Statements first hand

And that’s a wrap of one of the greatest (if not THE) greatest conference ever! JT Foxx has done an incredible job on getting the best of the best together and created an experience that is hard to top 👌👌


6 days. 2,500 attendees. 46 countries. 
A ton of celebrities. 
And even more driven entrepreneurs who have built million and billion dollar businesses whilst remaining the most humble, down to earth and ego free individuals you’ll ever meet.

Just a few key take outs from pages and pages of 📝 that really resonated with me:

👉 Steve Wozniak (Co-founder Apple): 
If you can tell, you can sell. You (have to / can / must) sell yourself everyday - it’s a matter of knowing it, knowing it and mastering it.

👉 Barnaby Waters (President K-Swiss): 
You need Branding to stand out and be chosen. Especially when you’re small and just starting out, distinctive Branding is even more important.

👉 Bruce Buffer (announcer of UFC events... let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble):
If you can do something common in an uncommon way, you deserve attention.

👉 Vanilla Ice: 
Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

👉 George Ross (mentor of Donald Trump):

92 years old and still sharp as a 25 year old. 
Women are the better negotiators. Him and his wife decided he makes the important and she makes the unimportant decisions. So far, they never had an important decision to make.

👉 Hugh Hilton:
Life’s too short to live someone else’s dream.

👉 Brooke Shields:
If things don’t work out the way you wanted, don’t have a pity party. Get up. Dust yourself off. Go and do it all over again. Don’t waste energy on negativity, especially through your own thoughts and doubts about yourself.

👉 Charlie Sheen:
It’s all about choices and every single day we can get different results if we choose to make different decisions to get a different result.

👉 Jewel:
Everyone makes an impact on others. It’s not a matter of having certain degrees or professions but about knowing your uniqueness and share it with others.

👉 Mel Gibson:
I still haven’t figured out what women want.

👉 Michael Douglas: 
I love what I do. How else could you keep going when you’re knocked down. Hated. Critiqued. And that, over and over again.

👉 Michael Irvin (one of the greatest football players): 
2 differences. Eternal good and great:
1) how much you love it
2) how much you (are willing to) learn about it

👉 Jessica Simpson:
Listen to people around you. Always have your ears open. Say yes to opportunities and then figure it out. Stay true to yourself even when you have haters. That means you stand for something others love.

👉 Dr. Phil:
The Universe rewards you for actions. So go for it.

👉 Jason Alexander:
TV doesn’t look for talent. Everyone has talent. They look for a unique persona. You have a great persona? Then you can be a star.

Now it’s time to implement all the wisdom as we know ...

Knowledge is nothing without action. 👌

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