3 proven Ways for you to build your Personal Brand quickly

Branding without Marketing works.
Marketing without Branding usually flops ...

Last week's article was all about storytelling - as one of the key skills in this ever evolving environment.
(If you missed it, head over to the blogs where you will find an archive of this and other useful information)

However, simply clarifying your story doesn't cut it either. It needs to be told.

Especially in this day and age, people are after information and knowledge so they can make their own decisions based on facts, figures and most importantly - personality.

It's what Marketers call 'Know - Like - Trust' factor which can also be applied on people as people buy from people and not corporates.

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Trust doesn't happen overnight.
But here are 3 effective ways for you to speed up the process and build a Personal Brand ...

1.) LinkedIn CONTRIBUTION (not observation)

If said it before and I say it again - over 80% of my business is generated through LinkedIn which is why I'm hammering people with it to get on and active on it.

It's a great platform to build relationships with people you don't know (yet), give them insights in how you operate and your vibe which helps in their decision / buying process (aka hire you, engage with you, refer you ...).

The biggest mistake however that I see people make is their (lack of) contribution.
Being the best kept secret isn't what gets you ahead and in front of opportunities.

Quick tips to get started:
1.) Optimise your LinkedIn profile through including 
a) relevant keywords and achievements that you want to be known for and what potential recruiters/ hire managers/ clients would look for;
b) your contact details to make it easy for people to get in touch with you; and
c) social proof (aka recommendations from others)

2.) Use the backdrop as marketing platform that gives insights about your area of expertise / the value you bring / a quote that describes your beliefs / achievements / photos from recent successes ...

3.) Start to become visible by commenting, sharing and liking other people's content first before you are getting too ambitious with content creation yourself as it requires some time and energy commitment.
(In next week's newsletter we will cover content strategies and tactics in more detail. In the meantime, check out our YOUTUBE channel for some tips and tricks)

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It may be daunting (and let's be honest - also unrealistic to stay consistent which is the key to build your Brand) to jump right into the full spectrum of content production - from starting a blog to becoming a podcaster to establishing yourself as influencer ... 

Great way to get your name out in groups and communities is to tap into other people's network and contribute in a valuable way through guest commentary, blogs, statements, interviews etc.

This is what you can then share to your audience as well and you kill 2 birds with 1 stone:
- Contributing your expertise meaningfully for your existing audience
- Building a reputation and following in a new audience  

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Public Speaking is ranked by most people as one of the scariest things according to countless surveys, however, it is also one of the most effective ways to build your Personal Brand - quickly.

Networking events are powerful because you can build a connection face to face and through conversations (which is where relationships start). It can also be time consuming and exhausting to make the room.

Public Speaking is networking on steroids as a lot of people get to know you quickly and you establish yourself also as thought leader in your area of expertise if you stand up and get seen.

You can ease your way into by participating being on a panel and not the solo speaker and get some confidence up before you hit the stage as solo speaker.

However, one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when Public Speaking gets on their agenda is that they simply say yes to every engagement and every event.

It can become quickly 'too much' of a person and without proper marketing of the lead up and follow up, it's also wasted time and energy.

So make sure you be selective with what you say yes to (aligned with your brand, message and goal) and dare to say no to invitations that gets you out there but potentially in front of the wrong crowd with the counter effect.

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