Will before Skill - How to up-skill and future-proof yourself

Will before Skill. 

Everyone needs to up-skill all the time and continuous learning is becoming the norm in this fast paced world of work.
We have more access to knowledge, information and resources than ever before which can be overwhelming.

Simply up-skilling for the sake of it doesn't get us anywhere, so in order to realise where to focus on so you can not only future-proof yourself but also take the right actions aligned with your long-0term goals and career plans, you need to know where you are now. Today's top tip helps you with doing exactly that!

Skill gap = the divide between skills that customer/ employers are looking for and skills the talent actually has. 

Whether you’re hunting for a job or looking to climb the corporate ladder, there are essential skills you need to have to be considered for your ideal role. While technical skills will vary by job description and industry, there are some universal hard and soft skills that everyone needs to succeed in their careers.

ImpaCCCt Skilled Workers

The Top 10 Skills the World Economic Forum have identified to be of increased value to future workplaces 

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She helps Companies and Senior Professionals to build strong Businesses and Careers by building and managing a strong an sustainable Brand.

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