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It's your Life. It's who you are.

It's who you want to be(come).


Successful Careers don't just happen. They are created!

And you are one Step closer to creating a Career and Future you desire and deserve - most importantly:

on your own Terms!

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impaCCCt Academy


The impaCCCt Academy is an Online Course to equip you with everything you need to know about standing out in a crowded World for all the right Reasons - which is: 


Clarifying, Communicating and Capitalising on your Point of Difference.


Your Personal Brand is the only Thing that is unique and nobody can compete with!

In this Course, you will not only learn the exact Steps on how to define your unique Value but also - most importantly - how to communicate it.

Clearly and confidently to those who matter.




The Power however, is not the Knowledge itself. It is in applying Knowledge and do so with Conviction.

This is why we support you in your journey not just by delivering the content but also by real-time Interactions with our Coaches:


In a weekly Group Coaching Session you get to ask any Questions you might get stuck at to ensure you get the strategic Advice you need to continue taking consistent Action that get you to achieving your Goal and also for you to receive the highest Value from your Investment!


impaCCCt Academy Program



WHO IS THE impaCCCt Academy for?

If you want to learn how to combine Critical Thinking with Creativity so you can get clear on your Point of Difference and create a Career and Life on your Terms - over and over again - then the impaCCCt Academy is right for you!



THE impaCCCT Academy - in Detail

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No Excuses. Risk Free. Guaranteed!

This program has the power to profoundly change
your Career and with that Life forever. 

We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee.



Q: Where does the impaCCCt Academy take place?

Everything is online — no travel or physical Presence is required.

You have lifetime Access to the Training, so you can go through the Materials at your own pace.


Q: How is the impaCCCt Academy different to other Online Courses?

This program is unique and has the right Mix of Theory and Practise so you get the Results you want but also understand the Principles behind it so you can implement it over and over again.

The impaCCCt Academy combines Strategies with Tactics, the Exercises are action-oriented and the Results transformative. The Course is constantly getting Updates and Bonuses and with your life-time Access, you continue to get the Best - for no extra Cost!


Q: How much Time do I need to commit for the impaCCCt Academy?

It is totally up to you - depending on how much Time you want to invest in it. You can go through all Modules over a Weekend and continue to join the weekly Live Coaching Calls or you go through one Module after the next and align the Coaching Calls with the Content.


If you’re not able to commit that much Time as you initially planned to, don't worry! You have life-time Access and can resume the Course at any given Point. The more Focus and Commitment you put into the impaCCCt Academy, the more you’ll get out of it!


Q: How does the Online Group Coaching Sessions work?

Every week at a specified Time (will be announced before the Course starts), one of our Coaches will go live in the closed Facebook Group and answer any Questions and Concerns you may have. You can send your Questions in advance if you don't want to be talking live or want to remain anonymous or you can ask directly in the Session.

The Sessions follow the Course Curriculum and will give you certain Exercises and Tasks to complete every Week to not only keep you moving but also accountable.


Q: What if the Course isn't for me?

No Worries! We’re confident about our Program and offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Participate in up to the first 2 Modules from the Start of the live Program - If you no longer feel that the impaCCCt Academy is right for you, send us an email.

We’ll ask for your completed Exercises to make sure you gave it a go, and ask what didn’t work for you so we can learn and improve. Once we receive those completed Exercises, you’ll get a complete Refund.


Q: How and where do I get Support?

As much as the Program in an individual Course, it is also a Group Learning Experience and you can ask Questions in the closed Facebook Group where it will get answered by either Peers who have been where you are now and/or our Team of professional Coaches. 

The weekly Group Coaching Sessions are led by our Team of Coaches.