Skills vs Talents - what you need to know to create a career on your terms

Creating your own Career is not just a possibility these days.
It is a necessity. 

This is the 2nd edition of our short and sharp Top Tips for you to create a career that isn't just future-proof but is created on your terms so you can make the biggest impact and income you can make.

This time is all about Skills vs Talents - you need to know and own both to be successful.

However, this is where most already fail - they don't know
a) the difference
b) how to identify them and
c) how to monetise them.

This short edition is exactly about that!

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Definition of Skills

Before you can work on clarifying and communicate your skills to then develop further, you first need to know the different types of skill:

  • People and communication – skills which involve talking and listening, explaining things or working with others

  • Practical – hands-on skills, such as fixing or building things, or conducting experiments

  • Thinking – like problem solving, research or coming up with ideas

  • Organisational – skills which help you plan and arrange things and work within deadlines

The top 5 transferable skills companies are looking for in their Talents

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Identification of your skills

Whether you know it or not - you already have skills, in fact, lots of skills – and they don’t just come from jobs.

Think about activities outside your work - what do you enjoy on the weekends, where are you volunteering, what favours do your friends always ask from you?

It might be organising kids parties, baking amazing and delicious cakes, doing tax returns, ... whatever it might be - look for the overarching theme here. 
What exactly is it that you enjoy when doing those tasks? Is it that you can be creative, that you can be in certain environments, that you get to talk to certain people, that you can test your attention to detail ... 

Key is to not get hung up on the actual task and get demotivated that you can't do it in your current role but to clarify the motivation behind doing the task.

This is the base for you to take it to the next step and find out, how else you can use these skills and get this feeling more often.

📝For example, if you’ve had a job where you had to work to tight deadlines, you’ll probably have good time management skills but also resilience and stress coping mechanisms. So you can say you are thriving in fast paced and busy environments.

If you love organising events and make ideas come true, you have a good idea of operations and make things work. You can say that your strengths are in getting chaos organised and ensuring a smooth execution of creative ideas.

🔎 Look back over your work, studies or spare time activities and think about the tasks you love in each and that you have had success completing.

This helps you identify the skills you've learned and use them to create a career that focuses on using those.

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