Recipe of A Successful Career Pivot: The 6 E's

Brand & Product Manager
PT and Group Fitness Instructor
Personal Branding & Career Coach
Speaker, Educator & Trainer

On paper, these professions and titles have nothing to do with each other. In reality - they are all the same.

I didn’t see it either at the beginning but having done a lot of reflection and coaching over the last few years, it couldn’t be more obvious how those roles are interconnected and how well they complement each other.

This is the power of career coaching. It allows you to pivot and do so on your terms so you can make the biggest impact doing what you're naturally good at.

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The first time I made a career pivot was a surprise and I got thrown in the deep end. Since then, I made it a point to do so on my terms, triggering it and creating my own career path, not one that is dictated and limited by job descriptions.

Having gone through the process a few times myself, and now, having worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years, it always comes back to the same ‘recipe’ what makes a career pivot a successful one:


Does the industry/ role/ task excite you and what’s ahead? Does it easily spark tons of ideas, triggers your imaginative and creative side, or your entrepreneurial and innovative side?

Although most new ideas also involve a sensible amount of fear and doubt, excitement and confidence should overshadow it. This will allow you to push forward as a realist yet also an optimist about the idea.


Do you already have experience with it? This is so you can make an informed decision such as if it’s the right thing for you. If you don't have experience with it yet, think of ways to get it or fast track the process such as through internships, volunteering, courses, coaching...etc.



Do you enjoy the process or just the status that it comes with?
To achieve certain goals we need to stick to a process, and this process will need to energize us and allow us to be at our High Performance Zone. In other words, we'll need to love the entire picture and not just parts of it. There is no point in chasing shiny objects if we don’t enjoy the journey to get it.


Can you become an expert in it?
Nobody wakes up one day already an expert. It is through immersion, the consistent and continuous learning, and practice of the subject matter that makes you an expert. What will be required from you is commitment and time.



As much as it’s important that you enjoy doing what you do, that you’re excited by what’s ahead, and that you are (about to become) an expert in it, you also want to get paid well.

The practicality and sustainability of doing what you are best at and what you love (aka being in your High-Performance Zone) depends on your earning potential, so it is something you need to consider.


Nobody likes to hit a ceiling and feel stuck for the rest of their lives. Is growth possible in this area? Can you potentially expand laterally or vertically from where you start? Will you be able to trigger your own S-learning curves and continue to grow and reach new heights?

Asking these questions and examining these areas about the path you wish to take will give you clarity and confidence to move forward to the next steps of your career pivot.

If you want to fast track your career pivot, don't hesitate to seek professional help. Send us a message and we can discuss to see if you qualify for one of our career coaching programs.

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