How to Make A Career Growth Happen For You

When I talk to professionals about Career Growth and how they picture it happening for themselves, their idea of it usually involves a second-party triggering it for them.

They wait and wait for it to come, having no idea that growth is not something others will give out of nowhere. Career growth is a process to an end-goal or an event that one can trigger on their own, for themselves.

There could be one or a mix of situations that prompts a professional to come up with the idea of making change or growth. The best part about it is that they will be in full control if they initiate it, instead of passively waiting for a person or a situation to happen for it to start.


The trajectory of career growth is not linear. It is an S-Curve that continuously bends up and down as more skills and capabilities are learned. You can make it happen for you at age 16, 22, 35, 40, 60. There's no limit, no boundary, and no end to what, when or how.

Here are some areas to consider if you want to make a career growth happen for you:

Study your strengths and work with them

When you play your strengths and do what you are naturally good at, your work becomes more intuitive, easier, and you start doing more of it mainly because of the surge of endorphins that you start feeling. In no time, you'd have mastered your craft while enjoying it, and that’s an ongoing process.

Therefore, knowing what your strengths are is beneficial to planning a career growth, as you will want to move forward in a sustainable direction.

You can hire a coach to help you specifically point out how you can leverage your strengths and utilize them so you can create more impact.

Get Clarity

A number of my clients experience analysis paralysis or getting stuck at a crossroad due to overthinking or underthinking (not knowing what to do next).

As a career coach, part of my job is to make sure that your goals, next steps, strategic directions, and follow up are all mapped out and aligned well, and I become accountable in ensuring you will see it through.


Invest in your Personal Brand

It cannot be emphasized enough that a personal brand is an investment that can fast track your career growth and opens up opportunities you never even thought was possible.

Professionals who are visible experts in their industry have higher demand, pricing, and better quality group of clientele.

Contribute value

The ability to jump from one task to another is more appropriate for when one is at the early stages of his or her profession. To truly make an impact, one must be able to create substantial and valuable work that can eventually become a legacy.

On top of this, being able to communicate this value clearly to the right audience will make an ever greater difference.


Widen Your Network

Last but certainly not the least, jump at chances to network or meet new people and create genuine relationships. Not only is this personally beneficial, but even more so professionally.

To prove that point, did you know that more jobs are filled up via word of mouth than through postings? This means that how you connect with people, build relationships, and how they perceive you have significant weight in terms of career development.

If you want to learn more about career coaching and personal branding, don't hesitate to seek help. Send us a message, or browse through our numerous articles. Share them with people you know could use some help as well.

Petra ZinkimpaCCCt