MeetUp Wrap Up: 3 Australian Digital Entrepreneurs shaping up the traditional Way of Recruitment

Our monthly MeetUp is the perfect Way to Wrap Up the Topic of the Months and May was all about: Digital Disruption in Recruitment - special thanks to our inspiring Guest Speaker Panel who shared great Insights from in how they are shaping up the Industry by their innovative Approach, Platforms and Technology:

  • Michael Smith, Founder of recFinder
  • Holly Cardew, Founder of
  • Justin Falk, Founder of TalentVine

moderated by

Janice Elsley, Head of People, Performance and Culture at Brisbane Marketing


Lots of learnings on how Digital & Technology is shaping up the Recruitment Industry and Insights in how we can embrace it for a better Candidate Experience, higher Engagement & Productivity as well as quicker Results!


Some key take outs for those who missed it:


- Social & Online Recruitment:

Enables quicker Turn arounds, enables flexible work engagements and attracts the right People because you can share your Vision on a more intimate Way like with Video


- Video:

On the Rise and is only continue to grow even more. Whether used as interview tool, candidates shortlisting feature or as Job Brief whilst showing what it is really like to work for a Company


- Naked and Raw Truth:

People are over seeing perfectly shiny marketing materials, they want to see the real thing. May it be the company, the culture, the people, the projects - get out there even if it's not perfect! It will resonate much more!


- Inclusive Culture: 

These day in age we don't need to be physically sitting next to each other when we Work. Technology enables flexibility and also getting the best Talents from around the World together to make Things happen. Sharing the Vision, Wins, Ups & Downs and making People feel special and appreciated to being Part of that Team is what counts!


- Redundancy of admin/ operational Tasks:

Recruiters will never be replaced as it's the personal Interaction with People and the Consultancy that counts. Parts of it however can get automated, like checking Qualifications (especially for blue collar recruitment), arranging interview times or even finding Candidates by using smart Search Functions. It's about embracing the Change to make our Lives easier and enables us to do more of what we should do:

Connecting & Changing People's Life!