The 5 Skills you need to have to succeed in Business & in your Career

Having spent 10 years in Marketing myself and worked with nearly all Industries since I'm in Recruitment, I have come met incredible People and found 5 Skills that reoccur in all successful and growing Businesses but I think they also apply to Individuals when planning to take their Career to the next Level.  Keen to get your Thoughts!

1.) Writing:

No matter which platform or channel you are on, we all constantly communicate in some way or form. Knowing what kind of content resonates with your audience, engages with them most and then writing accordingly, is key to get business outcomes.


2.) Speaking:

Equally or even more important than writing is speaking as you can bring in your personality and connect with people on a deeper and more personal level. And people buy of /engage with/ hire people because they like them, not necessarily because they are the best in what they do.


3.) Listen:

Probably key skill #1 is listening as this means you get to know your audience and their real pain points and not only can you figure out what they actually need from you but also put your solutions in words or in situation that resonates with your audience and on their level. 


4.) Hiring:

You can’t grow by yourself and even if you are ‘only’ working on your own brand to get a promotion or to get speaking gigs etc, get someone on board who helps you grow. It can be on a freelance or project base only if an actual employee is not the right thing for what you need. You can stick with your small business attitude (and it goes for personal brands as well) or you can put the big boys pants on and reach for the stars.


5.) Adopting & Learning:

With our environments and behaviours changing so quickly and constantly, adopting to them and embracing them to take your skills and offers to the next level rather than stagnate and burn out and getting left behind eventually is what makes a good candidate/business owner or entrepreneur successful.