Technology in Recruitment

Every Industry is going through a Transformation and 'Digital Disruption' is in Everyone’s Ear.

But with more tools, apps and search engines available than ever before to streamline processes and make our lives easier, it also makes it harder to keep up with the latest and greatest, not to mention how daunting it can be to get started and get your head around what’s hot and what’s not.

First and foremost, what are the main Benefits and Areas where we will and should be using Technology in our Industry?

  • Streamlining and automating recruitment processes
  • Improving candidate experiences through better messaging and management
  • Leveraging big Data and Analytics to make better hires


This month is all about reviewing Trends, rating Tools and Resources, getting Insights from Thought leaders as well as Stories from Industry Experts on what’s working and what’s not from their perspective.


To kick start the Series, here are the first 3 but main Trends we see will have a (further) and immediate impact on the HR & Recruitment Industry. There are plenty and more advanced Trends like Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Machine Learning but the first 3 build the base as to why we need to invest and embrace Technology and the second part will cover the actual Technologies behind it. We will go through each of the Trends in more Detail throughout the Month to not cause an overload of Information.


Social Media & The Naked Truth

Social Networks are changing how Jobseekers find and vet Employers.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have over 27,400 million combined users in Australia alone and on Average, Australians spend 3.42h a Day on Social Sites, so it makes sense to be where highly qualified Talents are and spend most of their time – and it’s not on Job Boards.

However, many companies confuse using Social Media for Recruitment to simply post Jobs on various Platforms. It is way more than that – it is about taking part in conversations that already happen and contribute with Content that resonate with your Target Talent.


With Access to information about more Companies and with their High In Demand Skill Sets, Candidates can choose where they work. And with this freedom, their decision is based on way more than the role pays the bills. 

Future Staff want to see behind the Scenes, what it really is like working for a Company, what their Peers see about the Culture, Projects and People and what Opportunities will present for a New Starter as Career Progression is one of the biggest Motivator for High Flyers.


And with People trusting People, it is way more important to showcase real and personal Stories from People future Staff can relate to. And this where the next big Trend comes into Play:


Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

‘Branding is what other People think when you leave the Room.’

This saying doesn’t only apply to Personal Branding but also for Employer – or one step further – Talent Branding. A company’s best intention about portraying a certain Image means nothing when it isn’t lived, breathed and valued from People spending a significant amount of their lives there. Employer or Talent Branding is what others say and feel about the Company.

People want to belong to something bigger than themselves and make their decisions based on the fact whether or not they can relate to a Company and their Way of Doing things. And this is where Values play an important role as these are the Foundation of a strong and unique Brand. But what does the best Brand in the World mean when nobody knows about it?

We already established that People trust People they can relate to, so having not just Staff but actual Brand Ambassadors who are happy and highly satisfied with the Company and let them do the Marketing for you doesn’t just mean tapping into a much broader Network of similar High Flyers than you already have but also shows your existing Staff of how much Value they and their Contribution are to the Company.


However, hardly anyone stays with one Company forever, so having strong Brand Ambassadors is not just a Matter of satisfied existing Staff but it goes beyond their Time with a Company. Having a good on- and onboarding Process forms part of the next big Trend which is also part of Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding:



Candidate Experience

You can’t be everyone’s Darling but you can give everyone the same outstanding Experience with standardized Processes.

The Recruitment Lifecycle follows the same Stages as a Purchase Decision:

Awareness – Consideration – Purchase.


On average, Candidates look up 12-18 different sources of Information before even applying (= considering) for a role. So it takes much more Effort for them to actually accept (= purchase) an Offer.

  • Not finding the information they are after
  • Not getting a good feeling about the Company/Culture/People
  • Never hearing back after applying or even interviewing
  • No after care/updates/further Engagement

These are the biggest Pain Points for Candidates when going through a Recruitment Process.


It is not hard what all those Cracks lack: Consistent Communications which can be addressed fairly easily though and can turn around the entire Perception and Experience with a Company to the significant Better.


Consistent and continuous Engagement with potential Talents also benefit Companies as a Candidate might not be the right fit for a particular Role or it is just not the right Timing but staying on Top of those Candidate’s Mind means that they keep staying engage with the Brand and would recommend it to Friends or Family which again, increases the Talent Pool to find the perfect Candidate straight away without much further Effort.



As mentioned, throughout the Month, we will share more Details, Trends, Tools and Resources around those 3 Trends and in the second half of the Month, will dig deeper on the actual Technology behind the Trends and cover Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Personalization and targeted Messaging.


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