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Personal Branding

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According to PWC research, the number of people who exit full-time work rather than enter is already increasing and the permanent employment rate in the US will hit an all-time low of 9% by 2030; Australia won't be far off.

To not only survive but to thrive as free agent in a such a fast paced and ever evolving economy, one of the future key skills is the ability to market and brand ourself effectively so you can communicate your value, attract the right opportunities to you and capitalise on them.


Clarity - Communication - Control


In order to create a Career you love and get ahead in Life, it is key to

be clear about your strengths, passions and uniqueness

communicate your value effectively and

control the way how you are perceived so you can capitalise on it


Do you already have a Career or still a Job?

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Ready to build your Brand and make an ImpaCCCt?


Then let's get started!

Group Workshops & Mastermind Accelerator Programs

Each month, we take a group of only 8 Entrepreneurs into a 4-weeks Mastermind Accelerator Program which fast tracks the journey of identifying, building and elevating their Personal Brand for getting ahead in Career or Business!


What you get when you join the Mastermind Accelerator Program:

  • Online and Digital Presence Audit PDF of your Brand and/or Business
  • 1x 3h Group Workshop: IGNITE YOUR BRAND
  • 2x 1.5h Group Mastermind Sessions 
  • 2x 1h One-on-One Coaching & Social Media Training
  • Hardcopy and digital Copy of Workbooks, Cheat Sheets, Tools & Resources Guide
  • Access to Network
  • ... and much more.

1: 1 Coaching | Tailored Group & in-house Workshops | Public Speaking

You are stuck in your rut, you may have a job that pays the bills but doesn't get you excited to jump out of bed every morning?

Or you are ready to step up or step out of your industry and want to make future employers, co-founders, investors or clients aware of your YOU-niqueness?

I have been building Brands since 2006. So let's build yours and bring it to life!


My sweet spots are:

- Career Coaching

- Personal Branding Coaching & Training

- Social Media Training

- Start Up & Entrepreneur Coaching


Facebook Community - Best Talents

You are not quite sure what it is that you need but always interested in progression and development - personally & professionally?

Then start your journey and join me and more than 400 of the Best Talents on Facebook for weekly Lives with Tips & Tricks (Wednesdays at 7pm - 10-15 minutes) as well as behind the scenes footage including videos of experts we partner up with.


What you can expect:





#AMAFriday (ask me anything

Full-Day Workshop to identify your Personal Brand & Personal Style but also to learn easy and mostly free Strategies and Tactics to bring it to Life on Social Media. Building Brands since 2006. Ready to build yours?


Behind the Scenes: See how we bring Personal Brands to Life in our Workshops!

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