Personal Branding

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We make up our mind about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them and it is not much longer when we meet them online.

In fact, 65% purchase and engagement (hire/application) decisions are made online and it turns out, the Internet has become the most trusted source of information.


However, Social Media is noisy and with more competition about the same role, the same talents, the same investors and same clients, the key to success is to stand out for all the right reasons so you can make the impaCCCt you want!




CLARIFY your strengths, passions and uniqueness

COMMUNICATE your value effectively and

CAPITALISE on what makes you you


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Group Workshops & Training

Get inspired by the energy of High Flyers and Go-Getters and start your Personal Brand journey at one of our upcoming half and full day events. Alternatively we host tailored in-house trainings for your staff.

1: 1 Coaching 

You are all in and ready to fast track your Personal Brand development?

Work with me over 6-weeks to bring your Brand authentically to life so you can make the impact you want - quicker and more effective.


Bring your Personal Brand to life in your own time with these value-packed online resources and turn step-by-step into action-to-action.

Full-Day Workshop to identify your Personal Brand & Personal Style but also to learn easy and mostly free Strategies and Tactics to bring it to Life on Social Media. Building Brands since 2006. Ready to build yours?


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