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Leadership in 2017 & Beyond - what it takes to inspire & motivate diverse Talents

  • Metropole Eatery 180 Ann Street Brisbane City, QLD, 4000 Australia (map)

By 2020, nearly half of the Workforce will be Millennials who have different Expectations, Motivations & Inspirations for a Job. At the same Time, we still have Baby Boomers and Gen X's making up the Rest - how can you prepare to inspire, motivate and bring out the Best in everyone and how to be(come) a Leader especially when you are not a natural Extravert?

For this topic we will be joined by Therese Lardner, a Leadership, Engagement & Mindset Coach who is working with transformational leaders to increase engagement by connecting managers and their teams to the organisation’s vision.


Therese also specialises in technically top notch Talents who have been thrown into a leadership role and are unsure what is needed to succeed and not only perform individually but lead and develop a team.

Whether you are already in a Leadership Role or inspire to become a Leader in your Career, this Event is for you! Therese will give Insights as to what a good Leader in 2017 and beyond looks like and share some Tips & Tricks you can implement straight away. Remember - Rome wasn't built in a Day, so don't expect to be the next Richard Branson by the End of the Month either but you can never start early enough to prepare for it! :)