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Digital Nomad - How to make remote & flexible Work work

Here are the Facts. By 2020,

- 1 in 3 will be employed casually / contract base

- 47% would consider giving up a well paid job to gain better work-life balance 

- more people will exit full-time employment rather than enter it

- more than 1/3 (will) have side businesses and passion projects, mainly online.


Technology enables us to work from wherever and whenever we want. Candidates - especially Millennials growing up with being connected 24/7 and a better work-life-balance that enables them to still pursue passion projects and side hustles is more important to them than climbing the career ladder.

So what does it take for a company to create an environment where Talents around the world can work without having to be physically there? What impact does remote and flexible work have on the culture and what are the challenges not being in an office?

We are joined by a couple of Companies who 

a) enable and support flexible Work for their Staff and 

b) is doing that as a business, facilitating Talents around the World to travel and work at the same time.

Hear first hand from Australia's most flexible full-time Employee Yas, who is travelling throughout Australia with her family whilst remaining full-time employed! 


Yasmin Grigaliunas lives life large!  A passionate and energising professional, who is as at home in her corporate life as she is raising her young family with her husband.  Yas is one of those people who can achieve what might seemingly feel impossible.  If you think you can’t, Yas will find a way you can. 

In November 2015, Yas resigned from a role she loved, to fulfil a family dream of travelling Australia in a caravan on what she calls a ‘Family Gap Year’.  When Yas met over coffee with the company’s General Manager to ‘come clean’ about her plans to formally resign, little did she know that he would provide a unique offer to Yas and her family to consider.  “Why resign? He said.  What do you think about the option to remain working part-time while you travel?”  What started as an experiment for both Yas and avt; the progressive company leading the charge on ‘extreme’ flexibility, quickly turned into what Yas has coined as ‘Australia’s most flexible role’. 

Yas is no stranger to working flexibly, and has been doing it in various roles since the birth of her first child 11 years ago, before flexibility was even a thing. Yas believes (and has proven) that flexibility in the workplace is limited only by your imagination.  Yas believes strongly in the foundations of trust and transparency to enable literally anything you can imagine.  Travelling Australia for 18 months in a caravan with your young family is one thing, but to do it while remaining working full-time and fully flexibly is a whole other story.