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TimeSmart - Productivity through Technology

“Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed” -  Peter Drucker – 1975 

The HR and Recruitment Industry is an art & science in itself, which can't be learned or prepared for in a traditional way. It combines so many different aspects like Psychology, Coaching, Consulting, Digital/Marketing, Networking, Negotiating, Business Development, Account Management and many more.

The biggest struggle that most Professionals will be too familiar with is time management and being effective at work. However, with so much on everyone's plate, it is easy to get overwhelmed and unproductive because you don't know where to start. 


Every day we are expected to -

·  Manage 100+ e-mails

·  Attend 2-3 meetings

·  Work on multiple projects

·  Manage a global timeline

·  Develop the skills of our team

·  Be strategic in our planning

·  Manage rapidly changing priorities

·  Communicate with many people

At the same time, we are asking ourselves

“How can we achieve more with less?”  -  “How can we have a more balanced life?”

In this presentation we will:

-  Understand why productivity is a business imperative

-  Align the need to make good decisions quickly with a systematic approach

-  Experience the power of technology

-  Explore the mindset of time scarcity

-  Address the issue of e-mail and project initiative fatigue


About the Speaker - Christine Petersen

Christine Petersen, an authority on productivity and time management, is the founder and Managing Director of Time Technology.

She developed her intellectual property, TimeSmart – Productivity through Technology, in response to a growing demand by business leaders for practical ways to achieve better control of work, maximize the use of technology and enjoy work: life balance.

Since establishing Time Technology in 2002, Christine and her team of accredited facilitators have helped over 22,000 busy executives in the Asia Pacific region to raise their productivity and reduce their time investment.

Later Event: May 31
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