The real 3 reasons why we keep failing

We all strive for success.

And still, most fail.


I see so many making grand plans and have the big goals but burn out on the way or give up on them before they even start because they don't know where to focus first and how to start;


They already feel tired and overwhelmed with what's going on in their daily life - surviving the daily struggle.


There are 3 reasons why people fail:


✔️ Unhealthy believes for themselves.

Why does it always happen to me?  

This thought only keeps you stuck where you are now and your focus on the problem; not on the solution.


✔️ Unhealthy believes about others

We believe others control us and with that, we give away the power.

'I have to work late.' - you give away the power.

You may need to face consequences but it’s still your choice.

It's up to YOU how you respond to others


✔️ Unhealthy believes about the world

So many believe that the world owes us something.

When we work hard, we need to be rewarded, right? 


This expectations causes frustration as the world is not fair.

It's what we make out of it that counts.


Things don't just come because you want it.

They come because you put your energy in - wisely.


Setting goals is great. But if they are not followed by the right actions they are meaningless.


Taking actions is great. But if they are not in balance with everything else that goes with it, they are meaningless.


Our lives is a balance of career, physical health, mental health, family and money. Making changes to one aspect affects other aspects of life.

Not taking that into consideration will never get us to our ultimate goal. It may bring us closer but never right where we want to be.


If you want to get physically stronger, you need to exercise.

If you really want to see results, you need to watch your diet and cut the bad stuff

(Lattes, Cocktails and Chips - I'm looking at you! 



If you want to progress in your career, grow your biz or become the inspiring leader you always wanted to have, you need to be ready for it - mentally.

If you really want to make your dreams and vision a reality - you need to let go of what has held you back so far as it never gets you there.


Limiting mindsets, negative thoughts and wrong believes - it's time to cut all of that crap too!

(hello imposter syndrome and the little 'Who am I to talk about this topic' voice in your head - I'm looking at you! )


If you really want to excel and make the impact in this world you want to make, you need to let go of what has held you back so far and this starts by you and your thoughts alone.

Having a successful tomorrow starts by doing the right things today.

You can wait another week, month, year or decade to lean all in or you can stop sabotaging yourself today and start your Personal Branding Journey now!

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Petra ZinkimpaCCCt