3 Tips to look out for when considering working with a Coach

The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries which is fantastic news because it shows that more people are investing in their development and growth on their terms and don't wait for someone else to magically give them an opportunity.

But that also comes with more and more coaches popping up from nowhere, promising the world, helping you to make money whilst you sleep, showing you ways to grow your expertise business to high 6-figures in the next 6 months so you can leave your full-time job ... 

You may suspect that some of these people are SCAMs.

Chances are high you are CORRECT!

Here's the truth:
The Coaching Industry is not regulated, same with Recruitment. 
This means everyone can enter and exit as they wish, without previous qualification necessary.

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Over the last 2.5 years, I worked myself with now over 10 coaches.

I also have had coaching part of my roles since I was 21
(initially for being a train-the trainer in fitness to running presentation workshops at schools to then coaching staff, clients and candidates to now coaching clients full-time).

Hence I want to share my 3 tips with you to look out when deciding that a coach is right for you where you at to get you where you want to be! 

It will save you some time, frustrations, disappointment but also a lot of money.

You're welcome ... ;) 


1) They don't have a holistic and start-to-finish system.

This means not only a

> scalable and repeatable system for you to assess
clearly where you are to map out a measurable roadmap to put the relevant actions and tools into place for you to get where you want to be

 but also a

> holistic approach where all other aspects of your life are taken into consideration
from your body to mind to relationships
and responsibilities to help you align and optimise all of them.

Fact is, if you want to perform at your highest level in your career, your body and mind need to perform on their highest level as well.

And if you think that one change doesn't impact another aspects of your life, like your relationships, then you're lying to yourself.

Results shouldn't depend on luck, or on a certain stage you are already at or on people you know.

It shouldn't leave anything out.

You should be able to follow it, step-by-step, and get an amazing result.

And those results should happen QUICKLY.

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2) They don't DO what they TEACH.

I was in a mastermind one time.

The coach was positioning himself as the master in using Social Media (in particular through created content) to build an impactful Personal Brand.

When I asked him  "How is this working for you, what's your structure behind creating relevant and resonating content?" he said,
"Oh, I don't do any of this...it's too time consuming but this is what you have to do." WTF.

Make sure that your coach is DOING what they TEACH
(and can show you how they do it too!)

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3) They only focus on the shiny front - end results

This is a BIG ONE. Pay attention when things are too good to be true and they promise you you only need to optimise one or the other thing.

For example:

Your coach tells you that you only need to change a few words on your LinkedIn profile to raise your profile and get considered for the roles and opportunities you want.


Fact is - the best tactics are worthless if you don't have a clear strategy first.

Once you are crystal clear on your position that nobody can compete with and gives you the competitive advantage for a certain group of people and what it actually is that you thriving to be(come), the tactics are irrelevant and just a distraction.

The main goal for having a coach is to show you what got you to where you are, support it with research based approaches like personality tests and a coaching process to make sense of the results as well as being the honest sounding board of your thoughts.

I often think that my ideas or approach to get something is crystal clear but in the minute I try to communicate it and get people on board, I only see confused faces.

This is where I'd rather talk to my coach first and get his feedback but also sometimes advice from his experience.

Working on your professional development is a mix of coaching, training and mentoring.
Whilst the shiny aspects of it - like the social media presence, compelling CV etc - are all important, they need to be taught.

Whereas clarifying what makes you the person you are, how you can make the biggest impact and most importantly WHY, this is a coaching process.

A good coach can be all of it for you at the different stages you are and moving through.

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