Want to change your situation? Do this ONE thing TODAY!

You want to change your situation?
Change your perspective!

You feel that what you're doing is not quite right because it is not a true reflection of the person you are or want to be but at the same time you also don't know what actually would feel right?

Good news?
You are not alone!

Even better news?
There is one - and only one - thing for you to change it straight away:

Change your perspective.

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What's my one thing?

"I just don't know what I'm supposed to do."

"What if I don't have a thing?"

"What if there's nothing I feel passionate about?"

Sound familiar?
These are the questions I hear most often - and across the boarder: from juniors who are just about to launch their career to senior executives with 30+ years experience.

And funnily enough - both sides favour the other and think they are in a better position:

'They are young and have all the energy. They have grown up with tech and choices - it's easy for them to find their thing.'


They have all the experience and knowledge plus the network - it's easy for them to do whatever they are meant to do.

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Just as the movies show you the romanticised version of 'the other side', so too does the perception of it is being so much easier for others.

Adding the feeling of pressure to having to find 'the one thing', adds another level of complexity and doesn't make it any better for anyone.


Each and everyone has a purpose.
That's a given.

But not each and everyone knows it (yet).
That's a given too!


So what do you do when you're staring at the clouds, waiting for a giant finger that doesn't come?

It's no wonder that when you're contemplating a change - in any shape or form, it can feel so big and scary and impossible that it's paralysing.

Then you weight up the pros and cons and go in and around in circles.

That's called
analysis paralysis
the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

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Seeing your situations from a different perspective is what gives you new insights and with that more options.

More options > more optimistic > more opportunities > more money.


1.) Think about your perspectives and how they shape you. 

List all your perspectives in areas that are important to you and how those affect you as a person and if they serve you for what you want and who you want to be(come).

eg: You belief that you can't pivot into a new industry and start a new career without taking a pay cut and starting from the bottom.

1.) Acknowledge this perspective and then
2.) consider how it influences and shapes you in every aspect of your life.

How does it affect

  • your state of mind
    (maybe you can't stop thinking about what else you could do but don't get an answer)
  • your actions (or the lack of them) and
  • the people in your life (are you grumpy and always talking about how much better it would be if ...)

2.) Consider the sources of your perspectives. 

Your perspectives form throughout your life based on factors such as family, education, culture, and life experiences.
Considering what influences your perspectives may help you to reformulate them and who do you need to surround yourself with (including extracting yourself from) to make this change of perspective happen?


  • What is their agenda and how does that affect their influence on you?
  • How objective and non judgemental is their opinion?
  • Why would they want you to grow (and with that, change) vs stay where you are?


3.) Seek out people who have what you want and get them to challenge your beliefs and shape your perspective

You can't be what you can't see so in the minute you surround yourself with those who are already where you want to be and have the experience and knowledge required will open up your beliefs.

I recently did a new PB on the squats. Not by 10 or 20kg but by 40kg which is a massive jump.

Whilst I have been training hard and do all the right things, the heaviest I have dared to go to was 110kg.
And this was the max I could do for now (in my little bubble).

The simple action by my PT, staking up the weights to challenge me and not giving me a chance to not try it was the catalyst for me to jump to not just one level up but 4. Plus- I did 10kg more for the other 10 sets.

He put it out there, he believed I could do it. And he was there to cheer me on!

So why wouldn't you take the opportunity to speed up your process
to get to whatever level you want to get and invest in someone who challenges you, keeps you accountable and also is your sounding board for concerns when things don't go as well?

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