Career Clarity - 3 Q's you need to answer

📝What would your perfect day look like if money doesn't matter?
Be as descriptive as possible! Where and with whom do you wake up, what time, what do you see and feel first thing, what do you do next, ...?

Work in hourly blocks- from waking up to going to bed. 
Create your ideal lifestyle before you get fixated on a certain profession or job title.

It will help to open up your mind and clarify your values but also eliminate opportunities that will come your way that you realise don't align with what you really want.

📝When and with who do you feel most energised and most drained?
Find out if the tasks, environments and people in your life are aligned with your values and give you energy rather than drain you.

🔎What is it that you can do 24/7, even without getting paid and hours feel like seconds?
🔎Who do you love spending time with and why? What are their traits, what feeling do they give you?
🔎When are you at your lowest? What time of the day, after doing what and who are you with?

📝How can you use your natural strengths and super powers with work?
Every. Single. Person has strengths - it's about realising and acknowledging them before combining them with opportunities to add value to others.

🔎What tasks or responsibilities have you enjoyed doing so far? 
🔎Which 2-4 words would people close to you choose to describe you? 
🔎When applying those strengths, what benefit do others get from you doing it?