How To Recruit For Roles That Don't Exist Yet?

Whilst Technology makes certain Skill Sets redundant but also creates so many new Jobs that don't exist yet. How do you Recruit for Roles that don't exist yet but we know will be in High Demand?


Fact is, even though I have only been in recruitment for 2.5 years, there has been already a change of required skill sets and hot jobs. There are roles that are now in high demand that a couple of years were just not a thing or just about to rise.

Fact is also, that we are just scratching the surface. With technology becoming smarter and advanced, a key attribute in talent is to not only be able to do the job on offer and in need now, but to be able to adapt to the changes and advancement that technology will bring to the role in a year, 2 years or even further down the line. And that’s the million dollar question – How do you recruit for these roles that don’t exist yet.

My approach

I always start my interviews with asking about their journey into digital as this explains already a lot. What I’m looking for is the pro-activeness to get their hands in and dirty and learn by doing. I prefer a candidate who has hand on and real-life experience who just tried and tested on a personal project or tried to solve a problem for a friend or family member any day than someone who replies straight away with a list of their certifications and diplomas.

This Industry is so exciting because of its fast pace, the opportunities that arise to enhance our lives due to the ever evolving and advancing intelligence behind it. Having completed a diploma a couple of years ago or done an online certificate is nice but worth nothing if it can’t be applied in real life and the candidate knows all about the changes and updates between then and now by subscribing to newsletters, listening to podcasts, attending event and connecting with Industry leaders.

So what is my answer to the question?

Dig deep and identify a candidate’s potential based on their ability to solve problems in the past. That’s Artificial Intelligence right there, done by a human. Whilst it is exciting to have all the HR Technology and Predictive Analytics Tools available, the human element of recruitment, the art of identifying a great talent based on their soft skills should always be the first step once a potential candidate has been identified and will always remain relevant.