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Own Your Future: Career Development for the New World of Work

There is career development, then there is career development adept for the new world of work. How can you transform to be well-suited for the future of work and prepared for the changes it will bring?

Find out with us as we learn from our panel how you can

Own Your Future
Career Development for the New World of Work:

Mitch is responsible for SEEK’s engagement strategy in Queensland, having been appointed State General Manager in November 2017. He works with senior level government, recruitment and corporate stakeholders to drive greater value from the SEEK platform and grow understanding of SEEK’s significant data and insights into economic, technological and behavioural trends that are shaping the future of work.

Before joining SEEK, Mitch spent 13 years working in the recruitment industry across Australia, UK and Germany and has managed his own successful recruitment firm here in Queensland. Before joining the corporate world Mitch played baseball for the New York Yankees and represented both Australia and Great Britain.

Holly has over 18 year’s experience in the not-for-profit sector working in a range of membership organisations spanning the health, aged care, legal and now the ICT sectors.
She is a seasoned membership professional with significant experience in membership recruitment and retention campaigns, marketing and communications, professional development and business development. As State Manager of ACS, Holly is committed to ensuring that members receive valuable ACS services, programs, resources and offerings at each step of their ICT career journey.

Jon Hottot is currently a Partner with Davidson Executive and Boards a workplace performance organisation with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Jon grew up in rural England and went to University in Reading (West of London) where he studied English.

He commenced a career in accountancy in London the 1990’s before working out that his skills were better utilised in a people facing business.

He started working in finance recruitment in London and transferred to Brisbane shortly after the birth of his first child (Tom)

Working in different sectors including Sales, Marketing and Technology he moved into leadership roles with talent 2 firstly as National Manager, Sales and then General Manager Queensland. Having “scratched the leadership itch”, he was approached about an opportunity to work for Davidson in a partnership role where he now runs the commercial executive practice assisting companies find C-level executives and building Board capability. Recently Jon has started talking to audiences around the topic of “career planning in the age of disruption’ as well as discussing hiring on purpose and the “why”.