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5-Steps to future-proof your Career and excel in it

  • The Johnson 477 Boundary Street Spring Hill, QLD, 4000 Australia (map)

5-Step Career Acceleration Blueprint for you to future-proof your career and excel in it!

Future-proof yourself with a Career you not only love but excel in!

Make an impact whilst capitalise on your strength without going back to Uni!


I have seen too many ambitious people not being able to excel in a career - mentally & financially - because of not knowing what it is they enjoy and are exceptional at without having to go back to Uni or get more experience, how to make money with their strengths and passions, where to start when considering a career change and /or all of it!


However, one thing those ambitious people have in common is that they want to make an impact! An impact on their company they work with, on their family and on society.

They constantly feel restless as they know there is more in them but have no idea how to show their skills without being a show off.


That's why I launched impaCCCt to help you to


> CLARIFY your Brand - your Strengths - your Abilities that others are drawn to

> COMMUNICATE your Value clearly and confidently so you can

> CAPITALISE on your Strengths and do it with ease!


To help you get there, I have developed a 5-Step Program - the Career Accelerator Blueprint.

How does the Career Accelerator Blueprint work?

There are 5 Steps to creating a Career you love and can excel in:


1.) WHY - Get clarity on your purpose and big goal

2.) YOU - What makes you unique and others drawn to?

3.) WHO - Get clear on the people you need to get seen by to achieve your goal

4.) WHAT - Identify what is it that you can be(come) the best at and can capitalise on

5.) HOW - Learn a simple, effective and proven formula to get your message in front of the right people and stand out (online & offline) without being a show off


Does that really work?

Leisa says:

‘I can’t believe my brain took off in that direction’. My real values are finally clear and it’s so fascinating how many opportunities are opening up from nowhere. It’s a first that I feel like I know what it is that I can make an impact with and I am excited again about work.'


Andy says:

'I lived under a rock for 10 years and didn't realise I was just chasing shiny objects but never enjoyed what I did. It such a relieving feeling to know that I have more options and can be in control of where my career should go. It's the best investment I have made, not just for my job situation but also for my family as I'm not just more relaxed and present for them but can also be a good role model, rather than just talk about it.


If you are ready to stop being mediocre and start creating a career you love rather than just accepting to have a job that pays the bills, this workshop is for you!


Looking forward to future-proofing your Career and see you excel in it!