Build your Brand.

Create your Future.

People buy of People because they like and trust them. But trust doesn't happen overnight. A relationship is established by ongoing Interaction and Conversations, exploring whether or not you resonate with each other.

We are moving into a service based Economy where Success heavily relies on how well your own Brand is perceived by others and that's why self-marketing and promotion becomes a Key Skill to stay relevant in Business - whether it may be in a Corporate Career or as Entrepreneur.

1:1 Career Coaching
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1:1 Career Coaching

Hands on heart: On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being spot on): How energetic do you feel jumping out of bed in the morning to get to work?

We all have our good and bad days but if you don't average at least an 8, re-consider if the career and role you are in is really it.

With the fast paced world we are in, predications are that Gen Z will have on average 17 jobs, 5 different careers and live in 15 different homes. We are more mobile than ever before with more access to information from whenever and wherever we are which also means we have more choice than ever before.

However, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees and just stay in a role because it pays the bills and gives us some kind of stability and security. This is of course one way to live our life, but what if you wake up to discover that your skill sets can be utilised in a role that doesn't only give you job satisfaction but also the work-life-balance that you have been looking for?

We help you making blurred lines clearer and work out a roadmap to success for you to get into the career of your choice - may it be changing / exiting one industry, setting up your own business or climbing the ladder in a corporate career.

Investment: $125 + GST


  • Pre-Session review of your career history and online footprint
  • 60-minutes career coaching session via Skype or in-person
  • Follow up email with tailored report and actionable step-by-step guide PDF
  • 2-weeks email support for questions and check-in's

Personal Branding - Ignite your Brand

Identifying the road to success is one thing, putting it into practice another. We don't just tell you 'what to do' but also walk the way with you and show you 'how to do'.

Starting with a personal career and life coaching consultation to assess your status quo and establish your goals, we will then start building your brands by identifying your values, your USP (unique selling proposition) and your personal spin. Feeling comfortable and confident is a big part of establishing and building your brand, so we work with a styling consultant to establish the perfect colours, style, shape and cuts for your personality type in line with your career objectives to get you started from a look & feel point of view. 

With an established 'brand style guide', we then take your newly created brand and get your profile online: We work with you on selecting the right channels for your goals, the tone, look & feel for your interactions there so you can connect and engage with your target audience(s), all the way to the type, form and time of content for you to create, manage and analyse.

Investment: $525 + GST


  • Pre-Session review of your personal style, career history and online footprint
  • 60-minutes career coaching session via Skype or in-person + report and next steps PDF
  • 60-minutes style & image consultation via Skype or in-person + personal style guide PDF
  • 2x 60-minutes social media coaching via Skye or in-person + personal step by step program with tools PDF
  • 2 weeks email support for questions and check-in's


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Deluxe Brand YOU
1,199.00 1,375.00

Personal Branding - Deluxe Brand YOU

Ever heard of the term “fake it till you make it”? Yes? Well, better scrap it in this case because we want you to be(come) the best version of yourself and will walk the walk with you.

We know that looking and feeling strong, confident and ready to take on anything is what makes you be(come) the best version of yourself and inspires others to follow you. And whilst - by no means - is a one stop and one size fits all approach, we can speed up the process by bringing together the best in their field and help you to build and develop the brand that wows and makes an impaCCCt - even on yourself.

Investing in yourself is the foundation for others to invest in you too, may it be in your skills as employee or in your services/products as entrepreneur/employer. People who neglect their image will be left behind and the dream career and desired lifestyle will always be a dream.

But we don't want that to happen, so we bring together a passionate team of experts in their field, from Style & Image Consultant to Make Up Artist to Leadership Coach, Communications and Presentations Trainer to Social and Digital Marketing Experts. 

Over a weekend, you will not only experience an entire make over from a physical point of view but we will also take your online presence to another level. Starting with defining your brand to then identifying your personal style and colours to then all bring it together across the channels relevant to you and your audience; online and offline.

Not only will you find out your perfect style and get a make over of your look but also professional head shots in your new look that will be the base for your online profiles. We work with you on identifying the right channels, creating and managing relevant content but also coach you on leadership and presentation skills.


Investment: $1,475 + GST


  • Pre-Session review of your personal style, career history and online footprint
  • 60-minutes career coaching and goal setting session 
  • Personalised style, image & clothing consultation 
  • Personalised make up
  • 3 professional heads shots after make over
  • Effective Leadership - Group Workshop
  • Confident and compelling Presentation & Communication Group Workshop
  • Social Media Group Workshop
  • Personalised online and social media audit, set up and optimisation
  • Social Media step-by-step PDF with tools and resources 
  • Light Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Tea and Coffee, Champagne
  • Goodie Bag