High Performance: the secrets of athletes, executives and high achievers

Some things are better lost than found!
Have you ever been in a situation where you had to perform at your highest level?

Maybe you had to deliver a presentation in front of a board.
Or pitch an idea to an investor.
Or making the decision to let go of something or someone?

And whilst you prepared for it, you were so worried about what could happen and focused on it not to happen - don't stutter, don't talk too fast, don't sweat, don't get angry ... - to only have it happen?


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High Performance = being present without judgement.

Worrying vs planning.
> Planning for the future is one of the best tools to stay grounded in the present.


I've been working with a few athletes over the last months who are preparing for their life 'after' - their retirement (aka pivoting) plan to transition into a commercial career after their professional sporting career.

The one thing that all of them have in common is their undivided focus and attention to the moment because they know that high performance happens in the present moment. 

Not yesterday and not in 2 minutes.
It happens NOW.

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How to prepare yourself ready to perform at your best? 

By taking 3 steps:
1.) Never worry alone.
2.) Get the facts.
3.) Make a plan.


Being prepared is the only way to perform at your peak because your focus is not on 'what if' but on doing the right things at your very best ability right now.

There are 3 aspects to high performance which need to be aligned:

CRAFT (your profession)
BODY (your health)
MIND (your thoughts and beliefs)

All 3 aspects need to hold up in challenging situations
for you to perform at your peak.

Good News!
You can train that!

needs to be rock solid.

In order to do what you do not on an average but on an extraordinary level to give you the confidence to perform you need to follow the 3 step principle of:

1.) REPEAT over and over again
2.) REFLECT and be critical with your observations
3.) FEEDBACK from an objective source

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2.) BODY

You can't expect your mind to perform at its peak if your body is not at its peak to support it.

Your body is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs and with that, the priority you make it.

If you put in junk - bad food, never exercise, don't sleep and navigate through life with a ton of coffee, sugar and energy drinks - you get junk out. Not just from yourself but from others too.

If you don't invest in yourself and treat yourself as premium - how can you expect others to do so?


3.) MIND

Results come from actions.
Actions come from thoughts.
Thoughts come from beliefs.
Beliefs come from your mind.

Judging the future and focusing on what if's only hinders you to be present and focus on performing at your peak in this very moment - when it matters.

It is just a matter of re-wiring your brain which can be done in various ways - from meditation to yoga to coaching.

Challenging your beliefs and realising the focus that matters is the key to do the things that you need to do to get where you want to be.

It's about realising where your thoughts and beliefs come from (like your anxiety to talk in front of people or your fear of quitting your job) and redirect them so they work for you, not against you.

This is how you can put yourself in the driver's seat and in control so you can deal with difficult situations and perform at your best! 




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