The unsexy truth about excelling in life

With every challenge comes an opportunity.

And with every opportunity comes a challenge.

Right now, more people are seeking to not only be more impactful and meaningful in their life, mainly through their career as we spend so much time doing it but also have a career that allows them to live the lifestyle they want whilst getting remunerated well for it.

Whilst 25 Million jobs are getting replaced over the next 10 years, there are so many opportunities for us to create our own career thanks to technology.

That’s the opportunity.
Never before did we have so many choices and opportunities to take control over our own destiny and life.


The challenge?

The challenge is that it requires you to be aware of what it actually is that you have to offer, that you can do with ease but also enjoy doing whilst providing so much value to others that they are happy to pay for it.

What is the unique gold nugget in you that no technology in and nobody else in this world are able to compete with?

Fact is:

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to create a very profitable career around your expertise and passions.

A career that creates freedom and wealth for you, whilst making a difference in people’s lives.


However, you might not like some of the things you’ll need to do to get there.

This is the unpopular truth of what it will take to make your career a success in the coming years.

Specifically, I mean how to position yourself as the "Go-to-Person' for your area of expertise, the reputation you have in the market and with that, the Brand you represent.


“How long does it take to be successful?”


Asking this question itself already tells you have a short-term gratification mindset and after the quick fix but you aren’t willing to do the work….

You may be happy to invest 12h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a day into the 'work' but in all honesty -

You deserve nothing for ‘showing up 12 hours a day’…
because time is not a reflection of value.

The actual work begins when you start with your own discovery and invest in your mental and emotional development. 

You can do a lot of things and work like there is no tomorrow to get to where you want to be but even being the best in doing ineffective things won't get you anywhere.

  • 'How long until I see results?'
  • 'I don't have time to do my homework.'
  • 'I don't have the money right now.'


Have I caught you with one of those concerns why you don't invest in your Personal Brand Development?

Wouldn't surprise me because these are some of the most common statements/ feedbacks/ questions I get from people who have the wrong mindset to genuinely succeed in life and step up to become a leader.


They still think like an employee:
as someone who is entitled to something,
just because of investing time doing something for someone.


A mindset of entitlement… needing to get results as fast as possible… being selfish and unwilling to think and act for long-term gain is what most unsuccessful people have in common.

  • What have you done so far to get to where you want to be?
  • What language do you use everyday - with yourself and when talking to someone else?
  • Which actions have you taken to find the money and time to invest in yourself if you are really - and I mean REALLY - serious about your goal?
Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 4.26.59 PM.png


These are the four identities when it comes to making money/ accelerating in a career/ having a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Each ‘identity’ has a driving emotion behind it, that
determines ALL the decisions you make.

That means, your success, failure and fulfilment is completely based on this.

✖️ having all the qualifications, degrees and experience in this world won't help you succeed if you don't know the real value you can bring to others - which means you need to be genuinely interested in other people's lives

✖️ all your proven track record of achievements means nothing if you can't communicate your unique value clearly to the ones who matter for you to get ahead and be closer to realising your purpose in life

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.10.55 PM.png


It is the best time to be alive, with opportunities available to us,
more than ever before.

It is just a matter of realising them and do the right things to make them happen.

That’s why I take time every single day to clarifying (over and over again) my purpose so I can take the right steps continuously and embrace the rocky road as stepping stones to get there rather than seeing and feeling it as failing.

Does it take time? Of course.

But if the thought of doing that, investing in yourself and facing the good, the bad and the ugly for the greater good drains you, then you aren’t seeing the truth.

You’re thinking that this is a chore… or more ‘work’.

Whereas I see this as privilege of making an impact in this world only I can and it is my duty to share what I know and good at with those who don't accept average either. 


So if you are still waiting for opportunities to knock on your door,
for pay rises and promotions to come for something you may enjoy,
for the dream career to just unfold for you to
make the impact you want to make...

Good luck.

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