Sell and improve your personal brand online

Last week, we talked about crafting a personal brand statement that makes an impact. Now that you have that figured out, it’s a good idea to optimize the digital world in order to strengthen your brand. Remember that you are the head of marketing in the company called YOU, so get busy and show your value.

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Here are some quick tips:

1. Check your social media profiles

It sounds so simple but it’s the most effective way to get your personal brand across people who matter. It’s also the easiest place to be off-brand.

Optimize key areas on your profiles where a visitor will look at first such as your profile picture, your About Me section or Headline, and your choice of cover photo.

On Facebook and LinkedIn, share articles and insights relevant to your niche, and engage with an audience. Join groups and don’t just observe, contribute.


Instagram is a great tool to convey personal brand but it’s also very easy to get carried away with using visuals. Stick to a pattern when posting, or use a theme. Again, engage with your audience and connect with people in the same industry as you by liking their posts, or commenting.

2. Be authentic and story tell

There is a ton of content made every hour everyday. What’s a sure way to stand out? Be authentic, and tell your story. Talk to your audiences about your whys, hows, and wheres, and engage in a way where you can be seen as the thought leader.

Are you in the creatives field? Showcase your work and ask for feedback. An entrepreneur? Tell your audience the process behind the product.

Be inventive when delivering and don’t be in a rush trying to run after shallow metrics such as likes. Quality audience building and personal brand building in itself takes time.

3. Find an influential coach

A coach isn’t just someone who will teach you the ins and outs or help you fast track your way in to success, you can also reach out to them to tap on their network, give you practical advice, and hold them accountable for your career or personal brand building.

Even research suggests it, “74 percent of hiring managers say job seekers should have a mentor, counselor or job coach to talk to about whether their skills and experience match those required for the jobs they are interested in


4. Guest blog or look for interviewing opportunities on podcasts or videos

A quick way to be known for your niche is to talk about it as much as you can on relevant channels. Don’t think that sharing will dethrone you of your mastery, instead, think of it as the bridge that will lead you to your right customers or clients. It shows them your confidence and thought-leadership.

It’s a good idea to regularly check and tailor these activities to your particular needs. One thing is for sure, your personal brand means nothing if you cannot showcase it or be able to share the value to the right audience.

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