Improve Your Personal Brand Using LinkedIn

There is no better platform to use when you are trying to build and improve your Personal Brand than the thriving space LinkedIn has to offer for professionals.

How could it not, with over 45% of its 500 Million users belonging to upper management, and with 91 percent of executives looking at LinkedIn as a first choice when it comes to professional content.

It's a platform where your next career or job could literally be just one or two connections away from being a reality, so I always recommend it being updated, utilized for connection-building, and having consistent content shared. Question is, how do you use it correctly for your Personal Brand building or improvement?




In our coaching programs, a LinkedIn revamp is included wherein we align your profile with your new positioning and make it targeted for your new set of audience.

There are some tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for a stronger Personal Brand.


  1. Your headline should be unique and creative, but also precise and has relevant keywords so you are easier to find when people look for professionals in your field of specialization.

  2. The summary is where you can use your Personal Brand Statement and tie it together with your new positioning. A personal brand statement is a punchy, catchy phrase that people will remember easily and associate with your value. I have a guide for writing a Personal Brand Statement, you can read it here

  3. Utilize the areas where you can add photos, videos, and other files on your profile

  4. Don't hesitate to politely ask for Recommendations or testimonials from your former or present colleagues or clients, and in return, you can do the same for them.




Earlier this year, I had about 7,800 connections on LinkedIn. By May, I had reached my target of 10,000 connections (and still growing!) While numbers aren't everything, having a growing network is a big part of getting seen by the right people and increase your reach and chances to work with them.

I speak and work with individuals globally and connect with them online without even having met them face-to-face, but have a common ground professionally.


What can I put on the request if I want to connect with another professional that I don't know personally?

Here is a sample of what I send out. It works like a treat! The best thing is, you attract those who share the same passion, industry, or job like yours. I once even got a voice message back saying how he tries to live and breath the Future of Work.

The possibility of us meeting face-to-face is low especially if they are across continents, so what a better way to let them know who you are and exchange insights than to connect on LinkedIn!




Like most platforms, LinkedIn favors content that is published on it and doesn't require you to leave the site. Some native content ideas you can put in to make your expertise and work visible are:


a. Writing a LinkedIn article

b. Showcasing your expertise by sharing your insights, views, and opinions as posts or comments to other's content

b. Posting videos about what you do or as documentation of what you're doing

c. Becoming a resource of the latest and updates in the industry or career field by sharing relevant content

d. Posting your own professionally taken or working images as a way to connect with the audience on a personal level

e. Engaging with other professional's content and making conversations and genuine connections

f. Becoming a connector by connecting other professionals to those in the same field as the former is, or perhaps for someone they can use the help of

g. Use it for promotions (but not every day), sharing documented achievements, and inviting to events

yield the best results and one that appeals to you the most.


And your profile is not the only place you can go to for promotion (or learning!) There are LinkedIn groups specifically segmented for each career and industry, and you can go there to see what other people are sharing, to engage, and to find possible connections.

The possibilities are boundless, and with consistency, clarity on what your value is and who your target audience is, and connecting to others often is a great way to begin making or improving your Personal Brand.


If you're ready to make a Personal Brand for yourself to open up opportunities, create an audience, or for career growth, send us a message. Our portfolio of clients have remarkable success stories, and will tell you how having a Personal Brand can definitely change your career game...and life!

Petra ZinkimpaCCCt