101h of additional learning… these are the predictions the World Economic Forum has when it comes to staying on top of the constant changes.

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That doesn’t sound just overwhelming but obviously raises the questions - how do we do that in a way that is not just effective but also efficient?

This is why we got together a panel of experts who have not only worked with individuals and teams on performance and building capabilities but also constantly challenge themselves to become better every day.

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For those who missed it, we have summarised some of the key take aways for you!

Leanne Hughes:

✅ Audio is the best way to consume content - it’s the only medium where you can learn while you’re doing something else (like when you’re stuck in Brisbane traffic)

✅ When you do your meal prep on your Sunday afternoon, also prep your podcast queue. Consider what topic you want to learn more about, and queue your playlist around that topic for the week.

✅ Be that annoying colleague who says, “Guess what I heard on a podcast this morning?” It’s a great way to retain what you picked up.

⚠️ Don’t rely on your organisation to future proof your career, it’s up to you. Stealing my fav quote from Jim Rohn, ‘Work harder on yourself than you do on your job’.

⚠️Information consumption is good, but what are you doing with it? Sometimes you need to avoid the information overwhelm, switch off and simply take action.

Cameron Fee:

✅ Bring in as much fun as possible to make the learning experience effective and efficient as it's the emotions that make content stick, not the facts and figures.

✅ Learn in your everyday environment rather than in syndicated situations that are isolated from your 'normal' life.

✅ Get an accountability partner if you want to learn something new.

Matthew Mason:

✅ Influencers are also just human beings. If you want to learn from them, connect with them on social media and ask them the question. More often than not they are happy to share some insights.

✅ Augmented reality has a bigger potential than VR as VR is still an isolated environment .

⚠️ Don't complicate things. Just because we have technology available doesn't mean we should lose touch with the real and simple world.\

Some final thoughts and take away that really resonated with me personally:

📝Make learning an experience, make it fun & make it part of your normal environment rather than isolate it from your life.

📝Knowledge doesn't get you anywhere if you don't take action

📝We need to be exposed to new knowledge 4x to remember

📝Accountability partners (friends, coaches...) make it easier to commit to a (new) routine. Want to learn something > commit to it & continue practising it

📝Following 'Influencers' are a great way to stay up to date. But they are also just normal people- reach out to them & ask your burning Q's. They are most likely happy to answer!

📝Preparation is the best way to make new habits happen & don't leave it to chance to do it

📝Technology is an enabler, not a threat


One MeetUp is over which means the next one is just around the corner so make sure you save the date and

secure your spot for this one:

future of work impaCCCt career personal branding


and how it will impact your career and way of working

APRIL 17th | 6pm

Technology doesn't just change consumer behaviour but also expectations on work places from both ends -

what do cities need to provide to stay ahead of the curve (and most importantly - what are Brisbane's plans to be one of the most innovative cities) and how does that change the way we work, commute, shop and communicate?

It's going to be another juicy conversation, so you don't want to miss the insights into Brisbane's plan on be(com)ing a smart city!


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